Pain or Injuries

Auto Immune Disease- real examples and spiritual causes

Below are real accounts from people suffering from auto immune disorders. These are written by sufferers who join support groups to seek answer. I am in a few support groups because I used to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis myself. A childhood close friend of mine also suffer from auto immune disorder- she had symptoms that …

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The Spiritual and Karmic Causes of Auto Immune and other incurable diseases

Recently I have been seeing a lot of real life sharing of many people with auto immune illnesses whereby they could not function, either due to symptoms such as: extreme pain in certain parts of their body which got worse at night extreme fatigue that causes them not able to get up from bed their …

The Spiritual and Karmic Causes of Auto Immune and other incurable diseases Read More »

Critique of wet acucupping (bekam) treatment method from a visitor

I thought of addressing a reader’s comment who say that anyone who believe in bekam (blood acucupping) is a sucker as there could be many others who also shared his thoughts on this. In the Western world, this concept may be totally alien to many of you who are reading this. Perhaps it is the first time you have ever heard about it. But in Asia, notably in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, this is a form of traditional treatment that most older folks are aware about. I have seen it working for folks who have to suffer years of chronic pain.

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

When I was travelling (spending hours in the airport, plane or car/van/bus), doing housework or sitting too much on my working desk doing work on my computer, I tend to develop muscle aches and stiffness. Rather than spending money each time going to massage, visiting my chiropractor or going for bekam treatments, I would use tools like this to help with pain relief. It does provide relief and reduce the number of trips that I need to pay to go for treatments

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

In most parts of the world, it is almost unheard off to set up a complimentary treatment section. I wish conventional hospitals would consider adopting the same approach as many government hospitals in Thailand. Here, the health authorities know that alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acucupping and traditional massage are effective in treating various health conditions and ailments. This is especially so with pain management, arthritis and rheumatism. Effective, non intrusive and little or no side effects.

Chiropractic adjustments for vertigo or dizziness

Once I suffered unexplained lightheaded and dizziness almost the entire day. I decided to visit my chiropractor who uses a combination of chiropractor manipulation and point therapy to health symptoms. When I told him my head ‘did not feel right’ and I was having dizziness last week, he told me that dizziness or lightheaded should not be taken lightly. The treatment brought a lot of relief and I felt better without requiring the use of oral medication.

Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be terrible and unbearable for a woman to go through.

A few friends I know suffered from severe cramps that they would usually go on medical leave on the first day. From experience, I have found rebounding to be the most effective way of relieving painful menstrual cramps during periods. No matter how much of pain I feel, in less than 10 minutes of bouncing on my rebounder or mini trampoline, the pain would completely disappear.

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