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dog legtremor 300x169 - Archives

Why does my dog’s hind legs shake a lot (leg tremors)

I have noticed that my pet dog, Sabai has been having a hind legs that are constantly shaking. The shaking ...
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Sexual problems as the result of childhood trauma

Once, a boy of 8 years old went on a school trip to the local zoo with more than a ...
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bathedog 1024x576 - Archives

Do not bathe the dog that is on an empty stomach

My mother is very particular to bathe the dog only when: the dog has been fed the weather is not ...
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Locating missing persons or children by consulting spiritual masters

Usually if a child disappears and the search appear in national television, there would be psychics who would contact the ...
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self breast examination - Archives

Daily breast self check in the shower to detect any abnormality

Below is an infographic published in The Star paper on Christmas eve of 2017. Thought that this information would be ...
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ancestor grave 1024x576 - Archives

Ancestral distress and illness

In this article, I would write about how ancestors can influence illness, be it physical or mental illness in later ...
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dysphagia 300x169 - Archives

How Nurses Handled Choking on Phlegm/Mucus in Elderly

While being hospitalized, my mother had a choking episode. In this post, I would share what the nurses did to ...
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Nasogastric Ryles Tube: Silicon vs Plastic

There are 2 types of materials used in nasogastric feeding tube: plastic and silicon. There is a substantial difference in ...
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Nasogastric vs PEG tube for Alzheimer’s/dementia with swallowing problem

Based on my mother's experience in having a feeding tube placed when she could no longer consume enough by mouth ...
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spirit karmiccreditors - Archives

Karmic creditors- in troubled relationships, illness, life threatening events and sudden death

Karmic creditors are beings, in physical or spirit form whom we have owed karmic debts in the past. They become ...
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Alzheimer’s and Tube Feeding | 6 months update

My mom who is having end stage Alzheimer's has been placed on nasogastric tube feeding since end of June 2020 ...
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Spiritual Causes of ALS, neurological disorders and sudden paralysis

ALS and other neuromuscular degeneration are diseases that have a strong spiritual and karmic cause. Until today, there is no ...
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Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and ...
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woman bodypain - Archives

Auto Immune Disease- real examples and spiritual causes

Below are real accounts from people suffering from auto immune disorders. These are written by sufferers who join support groups ...
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Unruly and uncontrollable child- spiritual causes

Below concerns a case where a child's behavior is uncontrollable. The child in the video below starts to crawl on ...
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Autistic and hyperactive child and mother with cancer – spiritual causes

The late Master Lu of Guan Yin Citta had helped many parents to cure or improve the condition of their ...
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Auto Immune Spiritual Cases- case studies

In support groups, I am surprised to see the symptoms described by those who suffer from auto immune disorders. Most ...
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