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Alzheimer’s and Tube Feeding | 6 months update

My mom who is having end stage Alzheimer's has been placed on nasogastric tube feeding since end of June 2020 ...
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Spiritual Causes of ALS, neurological disorders and sudden paralysis

ALS and other neuromuscular degeneration are diseases that have a strong spiritual and karmic cause. Until today, there is no ...
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Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and ...
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Auto Immune Disease- real examples and spiritual causes

Below are real accounts from people suffering from auto immune disorders. These are written by sufferers who join support groups ...
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Unruly and uncontrollable child- spiritual causes

Below concerns a case where a child's behavior is uncontrollable. The child in the video below starts to crawl on ...
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Autistic and hyperactive child and mother with cancer – spiritual causes

The late Master Lu of Guan Yin Citta had helped many parents to cure or improve the condition of their ...
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Auto Immune Spiritual Cases- case studies

In support groups, I am surprised to see the symptoms described by those who suffer from auto immune disorders. Most ...
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senior03 - Archives

Coping with grief when a parent or loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/dementia

It is heartbreaking with our loved one receive the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer's. As they start to show signs of ...
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The Spiritual and Karmic Causes of Auto Immune and other incurable diseases

Recently I have been seeing a lot of real life sharing of many people with auto immune illnesses whereby they ...
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Early Onset Alzheimer’s- Emotional & Mind Body Connection

Could there be a mind body connection for Alzheimer's? I am seeing a correlation between certain personality types of persons ...
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Considerations before placing an Alzheimer/Dementia patient on tube feeding

It is said 65 percent of Alzheimer's or dementia patients would develop dysphagia, ie gradually losing the swallowing reflex towards ...
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phlegmsuction01 - Archives

Phlegm Suction for Dysphagia/ Nasogastric Feeding Patients

Massive buildup of mucus and phlegm is a common side effect that comes with nasogastric tube insertion (putting in a ...
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tubefeeding siriraj6 - Archives

Tube Feeding Schedule and Administering Medication

Below is the feeding schedule provided by the hospital in Thailand where my mother is currently being treated. Usually the ...
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tubefeeding siriraj2 - Archives

How to prepare food for tube feeding by Siriraj

This is based on a video in Thai by Siriraj PR channel. Siriraj is one of the main hospital located ...
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How to prevent elderly from sliding down and lift them back up

Elderly patients, if placed on an incline would tend to slide down on the bed. This is due to gravity, ...
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tubefeeding14 - Archives

Tube feeding food ingredients, preparation and storage

In Thailand, a wealth of information is available on tube feeding. The video below, demonstrated by a nurse from Saraburi ...
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Hand restraints/special mittens for Alzhmeimer’s/dementia patients on tube feeding

I am grateful that we are in Thailand and sought medical care from doctors here. When my mom developed difficulty ...
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