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acupuncture and guadsa tools for self massage

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

In Thailand, when you visit the marketplace, small stalls at shopping complex or street bazaars, you would be able to ...
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Hospital incorporating traditional Chinese medicine

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

In the past when I was working in corporate, being sedentary, work stress and spending hours sitting in front of ...
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Baraclude entecavir 0.5mg that my mom is taking

Should an acute Hepatitis B patient start on entecavir- personal experience

In this article, I wanted to share on my personal experience in starting my mom on entecavir medicine for my ...
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sleeping 300x191 - Fever and danger of death due to inflammation

Fever and danger of death due to inflammation

Doctors would prescribe medication after an operation or stitching of an open wound. The common medications are antibiotics, anti inflammatory ...
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Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis- food to avoid and healing with acupuncture

There is no known absolute cure for rheumatoid arthritis. If you see a doctor with regards to your condition, then ...
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taking a clear look at our perspective

Tonsil issues and cancer- and link to ‘swallowing’ one’s emotion

My mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in year 2000. Actually she had felt a lump at her throat for ...
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everything is spinning. unexplained vertigo/dizziness

Alternative treatment for vertigo or dizziness

Last week I woke up one day feeling a little out of balance. By noon, as a got up from ...
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Night owl vs early bird

My grandaunt rinsed my eyes with urine to give me good eyesight

Caution: This article is based on my personal experience and I am not advocating that you do the same. There ...
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Why night owls should transition to become early birds/riser

Are you a night owl or early bird? This article is meant for an night owl, written by a night ...
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acupuncture 300x225 - Stroke: What to do after being discharged from hospital

Stroke: What to do after being discharged from hospital

When a person suffers from stroke, the person needs immediate treatment at the hospital. However, what should one do upon ...
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woman alone sad pray 300x200 - Health Blogs hit by Google August update

Health Blogs hit by Google August update

If you are user, ie a person looking for health information via Google, you may or may not notice that ...
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liberating fishes

Overcoming addiction to gambling and achieving success & happiness- real story

This story is shared to me first hand by a friend of mine not long ago. When I know him, ...
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belly stomach 300x200 - Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be terrible and unbearable for a woman to go through. For me, wrong food choices and lack ...
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porridgewater 300x224 - Can Porridge/congee be kept overnight?

Can Porridge/congee be kept overnight?

The answer is NO,. You should not keep your rice porridge or congee overnight. I know, logically there does not ...
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