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My name is Yin Teing- I am from Malaysia. This blog began in 2006 as my own personal journey to beat fatigue (I thought it was due to sugar addiction). I joined a gym, started to exercise seriously and was trying various eating plans, read tonnes of books. Basically, I changed my lifestyle- and it changed my life.  So the beginning parts of the blog, I wrote stuff I was experimenting with myself.

Then, I noticed loved ones, friends and colleagues around me suffering from various health problems- attributed largely due to being sedentary, food choices, trauma and stress. In 2007 and 2008, I lost a few people who are dear to me due to diabetes, stroke and cancer. It was sad, and when I read about others suffering the same fate, I felt I had to do something- so I shifted the focus from myself to research on using lifestyle change as complementary treatment for illness.  I devoured tonnes of articles, books on health, took up an ACE certification for knowledge and want to share the information and findings.  

In 2008, I quit my stressful job and traveled to Thailand for a year. Through allowing myself to quit the rat race for the first time, there were many life lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

Eventually, I started writing about mind body connection to illness (especially those that just could not be cured) after noticing that some illness are related to the person’s emotions, thoughts and seemed to manifest from a deeper issue.

In 2009, I took a paycut job which provided me more mental energy to focus on my blog as I need to see and test for myself if I could make a full time living as a blogger. I couldn’t- because it is strange …. but somehow I am not able to write if I do it solely driven by the money. The ‘flow’ and words just would not come out.

Eventually I went back to corporate life in September 2010 as I was quite broke from using up my savings and barely meeting ends meet with my paycut job. I went back to handle intranet and communication , something that I also love to do. My job got more and more demanding and I assumed more and more responsibilities till I had to cut down on my blogging for a few years.

In February 2017, my mom’s hepatitis turned acute, and she was hospitalized. Then she suffered a fall in April 2017. The day after her fall she was in so much pain- she asked me where I was going and I told her I am going to work (I had a friend who is staying to help but it is only a temporary solution). For the first time in my life, I saw fear in her eyes and the fact that she really needed me by her side. I made the decision then and then to tender my resignation that day and served about a month notice. (By January 2018 as I am updating this paragraph, I have no regrets – it was the right thing to do).

After I got into the grove of things and got used to all the tasks (it did take me time to adjust from a career woman who is bad with housework to a caregiver who also have to handle cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking), I revived my blogs and started a couple of new ones (full listing is in www.yinteing.com), the blogging which have given me a lot of joy. Recently I am having more time and space to research deeper into healing, something which was not possible when I was holding a demanding full time job.

There are many types of health articles- many written through personal experience and of those around me. I am not a doctor or in the healthcare industry- so please take everything with a pinch of salt ….investigate it out for yourself to see if it works.

Different cures works for different people.

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The easiest way is via the Archieves by Topics or by date  . Else you can perform a simple search- who knows, what you are looking for about health may be there 🙂

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This site runs on third party ads to help cover for my hosting fee. I prefer it that way, simple, straightforward- visitors generally would know it is an ad and they may click on it when deemed relevant.

Todate, I have not written a single paid review on this blog and on my other blogs. Posts I write is based on what I felt relevant or to share my experience, often written from the heart.

If you need to contact Me

You may drop a comment at an article. Or you can contact me via email: yinteing @ gmail dot com  and connect with me via the following channels:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yinteingdotcom/

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