Simple tools for pain management and self massage

Complementary Healing, Pain or Injuries

In Thailand, when you visit the marketplace, small stalls at shopping complex or street bazaars, you would be able to see many stores selling simple massage items.  These items are inexpensive and can be used as a quick relief for muscle aches and discomfort.

The items are (kindly refer to the pictures for the diagram):

acupuncture and guadsa tools for self massage self massage tools for pain relief

1. Wooden stick that is use to gently beat out tension in the muscles of forearms, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, thighs and calves.

2. Round wooden item with protruding round structure is to be used to press on certain acupoints in the body. Generally if there are muscle aches or tension, it can be use as an acupressure tool.

3. Wooden guasa board to do guasa on the body

4. Similar function with item 2 but this is a smaller sized item that can be used for the palms as well

5. Acupressure stick- I have a few of these which I always take with me during travelling. It is able to help press on certain acupoints to relief pain and aches.

6. Wooden holder with wooden balls that can roll. Usually it is used for the head and forehead where you hold the wooden stick and then roll over the head and neck to relief tension and headaches

7. Similar to item 7.

8. Similar with item 6 except it is bigger so it can be used on areas such as the thighs and back.

9. Can use it to gently hit the back or legs. The structure would create a vibration on the muscles.

Others are non related such as wooden ladle which is used for cooking.

My experience of years using these items:

self massage tools

Even though these simple tools would not cure your muscle aches and pain, it can help to provide relief and it is inexpensive.

When I was travelling (spending hours in the airport, plane or car/van/bus), doing housework or sitting too much on my working desk doing work on my computer, I tend to develop muscle aches and stiffness. Rather than spending money each time going to massage, visiting my chiropractor or going for bekam treatments, I would use tools like this to help with pain relief. On my stiff shoulders I would have someone to help do guasa for me.

It does provide relief and reduce the number of trips that I need to pay to go for treatments…. of course if I have like lower back pain through muscle pull or severe shoulder pain (similar to frozen shoulders), a visit to my chiropractor always instantly relief the pain.

These are sold in many areas in Thailand and sometimes they can demonstrate to you how to use these tools. Therefore if you happen to visit Thailand and chance upon such stores, perhaps you may want to consider picking up a few of these for these items are hard to find elsewhere (even if you can find it overseas it would be very expensive when in Thailand you can get it for about a few dollars at most).

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