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Blood Pressure that is Out of Control | Resistant Hypertension- Real Stories

I would be covering on blood pressure that is out of control or unstable in adults which is triggered by ...
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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy- when the parent faked a child’s illness

Yesterday I came across this heartbreaking story of a child, Olivia K. Gant (21 June 2010- 20 August 2017) who ...
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Pet Euthanasia feels wrong because it is the ultimate betrayal towards your beloved pet

In this post, I would talk about the practice of euthanasia (in lay terms putting them down or putting them ...
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Plastic Surgery May Remove Fortune Features from your Face | Face Feng Shui

Before you opt for plastic surgery because you are not happy with what you are born with, I wish to ...
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Why does my dog’s hind legs shake a lot (leg tremors)

I have noticed that my pet dog, Sabai has been having a hind legs that are constantly shaking. The shaking ...
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Sexual problems as the result of childhood trauma

Once, a boy of 8 years old went on a school trip to the local zoo with more than a ...



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