Complementary Healing

Ice bath and cold water are detrimental for health (joint pain in old age)

From the perspective of Chinese healing as well as in other ancient tradition such as Ayurveda, ice baths and cold water intake are DETRIMENTAL for health. While research may indicate that there are scientific benefits of these practices, there is no research that had looked into what happened to these people decades down the line …

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Wai Tan Kung/Dan Gong effective for former heart attack/stroke/chronic health conditions

If you have previously suffered a heart attack, I strongly urge you to consider learning chi based exercises such as qi gong, tai chi and wai tan kung. Through consistent practice, it will help clear blockages and would help prevent another recurrence or other complications. You may be surprised that after a while, you may …

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When Treatment and Medication are Not Effective (or the best)

In many countries, doctors are bound of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to treatment of illness and diseases. If a certain doctor is found to have deviated from the standard protocols and the patient degenerates, the doctor and the institution (clinic, hospital) can be sued for malpractice and the doctor could lose his …

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Yip Har Choo plant for end stage liver failure

Yip Har Choo- herb for end stage liver cirrhosis and acute hepatitis

Yip Har Choo  叶下珠 (translated as ‘Pearls under the leaves’) or its scientific name Phyllanthus urinaria that is claimed to be able to cure end stage liver cirrhosis. I decided to write this article after hearing from 2 separate persons with end stage liver failure who could cure it with this plant after doctors have told them there is nothing that could be done.

Critique of wet acucupping (bekam) treatment method from a visitor

I thought of addressing a reader’s comment who say that anyone who believe in bekam (blood acucupping) is a sucker as there could be many others who also shared his thoughts on this. In the Western world, this concept may be totally alien to many of you who are reading this. Perhaps it is the first time you have ever heard about it. But in Asia, notably in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, this is a form of traditional treatment that most older folks are aware about. I have seen it working for folks who have to suffer years of chronic pain.

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

When I was travelling (spending hours in the airport, plane or car/van/bus), doing housework or sitting too much on my working desk doing work on my computer, I tend to develop muscle aches and stiffness. Rather than spending money each time going to massage, visiting my chiropractor or going for bekam treatments, I would use tools like this to help with pain relief. It does provide relief and reduce the number of trips that I need to pay to go for treatments

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

In most parts of the world, it is almost unheard off to set up a complimentary treatment section. I wish conventional hospitals would consider adopting the same approach as many government hospitals in Thailand. Here, the health authorities know that alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acucupping and traditional massage are effective in treating various health conditions and ailments. This is especially so with pain management, arthritis and rheumatism. Effective, non intrusive and little or no side effects.

Rheumatoid Arthritis- food to avoid and healing with acupuncture

It would probably not come as a surprise that if you have rheumatoid arthritis, some of your favourite food may be part of the triggers for your inflammation and joint pain. It is tough but is necessary for you to give up food that would harm you. If you speak to a doctor who is practicing conventional medicine, the doctor would tell you that you can eat anything but perhaps you may need to avoid seafood and duck meat. Things like eggs and poultry are not in the list but in traditional Chinese medicine, these are food known to trigger inflammation.

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