Auto Immune Disease- real examples and spiritual causes

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

Below are real accounts from people suffering from auto immune disorders. These are written by sufferers who join support groups to seek answer. I am in a few support groups because I used to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis myself. A childhood close friend of mine also suffer from auto immune disorder- she had symptoms that flared up at different places, different times. She had spent a fortune on test, scans and specialists visits but there has been no relief in her symptoms.

As we are from the East, we would also consult spiritual healers and the cause of her illness have been determined as a spiritual cause. In the West, usually they do not believe in such symptoms is due to karma, or spirit disturbance. The symptoms below are only a small fraction of the huge number of cases shared by those who are suffering from this ailment. In Asia, we do not hear of such cases often because most of the time if the person suffers from this, an elder would have taken the person to consult a spiritual healer based on their faith (aside from seeking medical treatment). 

I am seriously surprised and feel very sorry for those who are suffering this ailment. My comments are in brown next to some of these cases. The list is below- please scroll down to read the individual cases.

Case 1: Brain fog, fatigue and no one knows what’s wrong
Case 2: Low grade fever, exhaustion and brain fog for more than a year
Case 3: Head pressure, bruising on the body and liver issue
Case 4: A person suffering from a long list of symptoms
Case 5: Get extremely cold suddenly, muscle weakness, fatigue
Case 6: Horrible digestive issues , could not eat and no doctor could diagnose what is wrong
Case 7: 25 year old suffer from terrible fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, cough during the night, brain fog
Case 8: Body freezing
Case 9: Being defeated, sick and in pain 
Case 10: Knee swelling with fluid which alternates between legs causing pain
Case 11: Severe Stomach Issues (nausea, vomiting, unable to eat more than a few bites)
Case 12: Feeling cold but it is fever
Case 13- Feet so cold that it hurts

Case 1: Brain fog, fatigue and no one knows what’s wrong

I feel like I want to give up. It’s been a year I’ve tried to find what is wrong with my body. My brain fog and fatigue is the worst, I feel like I’m gonna fall all the time, I can’t stand still. I visited a rheumatologist, neurologist, ENT, and ophthalmologist but got no answer. I did a lot of tests for autoimmune disease. Even my brain mri showed normal result. I have positive SSA but my rheum can’t find what kind of AI I have. She just said she suspected I actually have AI but not sure which one. I did EMG and it was normal as well. My AChR was negative. Neurologist told me I don’t have MS and MG.
I swear to God I’m tired, I don’t know what to do anymore. My family can’t understand my struggle. I’m all alone most of the time. What should I do? Which specialist should I visit soon? I’m so clueless right now please help

My comment: Brain fog and fatigue can be the energy being drained out by invisible beings. I’ve experienced it a lot during my time in corporate and was told about this by a friend who saw the being draining out energy from me. 

Case 2: Low grade fever, exhaustion and brain fog for more than a year

Months of doctors..and blood work..and scans..all normal finally my ana comes back at 160. I’m being sent to a specialist next.. my only symptoms are I have a low grade fever every day all day for the last year and a half. I am so extremely exhausted and filled with brain fog!
Anyone have any ideas?
this game of chase is getting awfully expensive 😩

My comment: The person is really suffering but like my friend, this lady also spent a lot to run tests without any closer to a cure

Case 3: Head pressure, bruising on the body and liver issue

Can anyone relate… chronic head pressure and sudden sensitivity and pain on top of head.
Left lower leg along whole front bruised (or some), haven’t done anything to it, bone pain and internal lumps.
Also was told my liver is 19cm hepatomegaly with lesions, and said that one side of my liver was closer to my hip.
I’m so-so tired and at my wits end of all these Drs dismissing my non stop issues.

Case 4: A person suffering from a long list of symptoms

Feeling stressed .. was told I have an autoimmune disease but not sure which one I have yet . My body feels horrible all the time & I’m constantly drained . Here are done of my symptoms ..
* pins/needles in hands up to elbows (right side worse feels like electric shock)
* Muscle/Joint pain – muscles +knees
* Migraines everyday, (more painful on left side) , pain travels to left side on jaw
* Bones are popping more, neck sounds crunchy
* Bad memory, trouble thinking,brain fog, trouble concentrating
* Fatigue , trouble falling & staying asleep. Extreme Exhaustion/drowsiness all day
* Sometimes vision gets slightly more blurry, eye floaters & light sensitivity
* Sensitive to cold temperatures, body aches , hands feel like they have been slammed into something when in cold temperatures
* Body gets hot easily , night sweats
* Irregular menstruals
* Legs go numb sometimes even while just sitting down
* Back pain that travels to neck
* Eyes feel dry some days
* Chest pain once or twice every month
* Light headed feeling when standing up
* Craving sweets constantly
* Brown fingernails
* Ringing in ears
* Gum sensitivity
* Sharp achy feelings in random spots of body
* Painful wrist & knuckles

Case 5: Get extremely cold suddenly, muscle weakness, fatigue

Shot in the dark. I’m going to describe my “bad days” tell me what you think. I have Sjogrens, RA and an undiagnosed connective tissue dz.
I wake up, get my kids breakfast, feed dogs. Sit down to eat something and suddenly get extremely cold and need to sleep. There is no avoiding it really. My muscles feel weak to the point that it hurts, I can’t open my eyes and I feel like I could sleep all day.
Sometimes I feel better after I sleep for a couple hours. Other days it lasts all day long. The more I fight it, the worse I feel. If I push through it, I will crash to the point of not being functional at all.
Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Case 6: Horrible digestive issues , could not eat and no doctor could diagnose what is wrong

I just need one doctor. Just one doctor to actually listen to me and order some slightly abnormal but simple tests… just one doctor..
My Gastro ordered a Endoscope simply enough( although I have to wait till the new year to afford it and use the large out of pocket costs at the start of a new year’s premiums because of health insurance.), but he just prescribed me microbiome changing PPIs( that do nothing for me except worsen the pain because I told him that I honestly didn’t think it was a high acid problem because of repeated at home testing). And nothing else.
He won’t check my bacteria levels or my acid levels or my acid chemical indicators levels. Or my vitamin levels.
He won’t even ask me about my pain or ask if I experienced any other symptoms that I may have forgot to mention.
It was literally like he just wanted me out of the door as quickly as possible. Check in to walking out the door took less then 30 minutes.
I’m just so frustrated. My esophagus is in pain( I never throw up if I can help it but couple of days ago I purged like a demon was coming out and there was some blood.), nothing I eat or drink feels right, it’s like it just sits there mostly and rots or something( even though I go #2 at least once a day so some has to be getting through.), I’m taking everything that is suppose to help with reasonably and it seems like nothing helps. The nausea and pain is bad and constant.
I’m bloated and burging/flatulent uncomfortably half the time and the other half it’s like acid and acid fumes just live in my throat…

Case 7: 25 year old suffer from terrible fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, cough during the night, brain fog

My daughter who is 25yrs old is suffering from some undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. I’m sure of it, just haven’t been able to figure out which one. She hates going to doctors. She gets “flare” episodes of horrible fatigue. Accompanied by swollen lymph nodes in armpit and neck. Headaches, Chest pain, neck pain, arm pain. sometimes all over body aches. She coughs during night and morning but is usually calm during day. She has brain fog. Went to ER during an episode due to doctors suggestion. Her Dr. had thought possible meningitis. Alot of blood work. Only abnormal that stuck out was her CRP. It was elevated by a lot. Her follow up additional blood work and xray showed walking pneumonia and still elevated CRP but it had come down from ER visit. She is still undiagnosed. She got better. All symptoms gone but seem to come back mild then get worse the settle again. This has happened a total of 3x since August. 

Case 8: Body freezing

Hi, has anyone experienced a feeling of freezing or the feeling of being submerged in a tub of ice for a long time? It happens during the day at as hot as 80 degrees or under the sun and at night it wakes me up just ice freezing, it’s beyond cold. When you’re Cold you can put blankets on and you’ll get warm, Not this. My fingertips, toes, feet, muscles, and skin feel like I am on ice. Then I also get hot so fast then back to freezing. Is this a blood sugar issue? I mentioned this to my doctor but he has nothing to offer. What are your diagnosis?

My comment: Usually if you feel suddenly cold, your life force energy may be drained out. Medically there is nothing that can be done for cases like this. One need to really do protective spiritual practice based on one’s faith for protection. At the same time, one’s mind need to be involve in wholesome thoughts because bad emotional states would weaken the body’s aura or protective field making one susceptible to psychic attacks.

Case 9: Being defeated, sick and in pain 

Evening everyone. So this is a posted of someone who feels very defeated. I went to my rheumatologist Tuesday. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Hashimotos and another unknown autoimmune disease. He explained that my symptoms can indicate many different ones and he stated they are hard to
Pinpoint. I gave him all of the pain medications you so kindly recommended and he put me back on Gabapetin. Note I tried this 2 years ago and it did nothing. He stated that with regards to the Hashimotos that my endocrine would need to treat that. Note my Thyroglobulin is at 59. I honestly am at a loss. I would think he would want to help me but again the treatment or fix was Gabapetin. I honestly do not know what to do. I am just at a loss and feel very defeated. I am tired of being sick and in pain. Sorry for the long post but truthfully I am just at a loss!!
I forgot to mention he then dumped it back onto my endocrine. That is not her job. She is dealing with my adrenal issues as well. I am livid!!

Case 10: Knee swelling with fluid which alternates between legs causing pain

My knees have been swelling with fluid for a few years now. It started in my right and has jumped to my left. The inflammation does not go back down unless I have the joint drained and cortisone injected. I have had the left knee drained 2-3 times since the end of June. Most recently about a month and a half ago, it has been swollen huge again for about 2 weeks now and I’m suffering through to get an mri next week as they want the fluid in there. They have me doing 2 aleve in the am and 2 in the pm with Tylenol in between. I am also doing a ton of supplements a nutritionist started me on. I am icing, elevating and compressing but nothing is helping or giving me relief.
Has anyone experienced similar issues? Was there anything that gave you some relief?
Rheumatology has ran a slew of labs and found nothing definite so far. Orthopedics is who referred me to rheumatology and also had no idea.
I am an X-ray tech myself and am literally crying my way through shifts trying to walk right now.

Case 11: Severe Stomach Issues (nausea, vomiting, unable to eat more than a few bites)

My stomach has been sick for a year. Nauseous all day everyday. Vomiting. Gagging. Can only eat a few bites of food at a time. Now for the past week anything I drink or eat my stomach hurts so bad on top of feeling sick. I hate food. I’ve been off my prednisone for 4 months. My immune system should be starting to work again. Maybe it’s attacking again. I dont know but I’m done. I was in the hospital last year on Dec 15th. 2020 for chest pains. Found out I had sarcoidosis of the lungs. That’s the first organ my immune system attacked. Then April I was diagnosed with gastritis. Then Sept I have gallstones. I was feeling a little better being off the prednisone. But I dont know. Exactly a year I have been fighting. My heart goes out to everyone suffering from this. It’s horrible. Ppl don’t understand. I look in the mirror I don’t look how horrible I feel. Ppl don’t see the illnesses. So they don’t understand. I have gotten up at 5 am every morning no matter how I felt. And went to work 81/2hrs 5 days a week. All because I can’t afford to take time off. I thank the good Lord for giving me the strength and ability to continue to work through this. All I want to do is sleep. And even then I feel pain and sick when I sleep. If I get to warm I get really Nauseous. So it wakes me up. I sleep with the air conditioning on all year. I can’t have my husband snuggle to long or I over heat and want to vomit. I cant breath. Then I have to wear a freaking mask for 81/2hrs a day 5 days a week. I have to clean all day today because I have a stove being delivered tomorrow and I have just done the basics in cleaning this past year because of pain sickness and tiredness. I feel like a horrible wife. I use to be able to work 9hr days come home take care of everything at home and the kids. Now I fight to do anything. I hate this. This is a curse. I have always been strong. This is kicking the crap out of me. But not only do I deal with my illnesses, but I have marital issues, family issues, financial issues, work issues. Stress. To much stress. Sorry I’m not venting. I’m tired.

Case 12: Feeling cold but it is fever

Autoimmune diseases run in my family. Grandmother had MS, cousin, aunt and uncle have MS. Cousin has SLE (lupus), and rheumatoid arthritis.
So my issue is that I feel like I have a fever a lot of the time, but I don’t. My whole body will be chilled but sweating, my hands and feet will be clammy but freezing cold, and I’ll have goosebumps and feel like I’m freezing cold to the point of like feeling like I’m overheating/shivering. Does that even make sense? Then I’ll check my temp and it’s usually on the low end or just a slightly elevated temp like 99.8 or something.
I used to think that I was just getting sick a lot, but now I know there’s no way that I’m always just sick when this is happening. It’s occurring about 2-3 times a week. It makes me feel so run down and awful. Usually the only thing that helps is getting into a warm shower to get all my body temp back to the same temp and then get dressed right away.

Case 13- Feet so cold that it hurts

Does anyone’s feet get so cold it hurts ? My feet freeze easy and are hard to warm up.

(a number of people replied with their experiences. Here are some of the replies)

Mine are constantly cold and my toes even get purple a lot of the time. I don’t know if I’d say they hurt because of cold, but they do numb a little bit because of it.

Yes! It’s aweful. Always wear socks n shoes. Bedtimes awful even with socks. Im in process of getting diagnosis. Been told its connective tissue disease if cant narrow it down. They actually really burn cold. When I put my legs up in bed they ache something cruel. Not when I’m walking around though generally

As I sit here typing this my ice cube feet are wrapped in a heating pad so they will stop throbbing from being so cold. My hands are usually not far behind them.

Yes. I also have had 2 surgeries on my right foot, and it’s the worse. I wear two pairs of socks around the house always. Even in the summer.

Yes. So cold. I take the hottest shower every night

My head stay hot and my feet and hands get cold.

Yes! Every day! I’m about to bring a heating pad to work! And I wear warm socks all the time!

Mine feel like they are on fire cold, if that makes sense

Yes! The rest if me is sweating 😓 but have socks on for my icy cold feet.

When my feet get cold, I get stabbing pains in them.

Its Raynauds syndrome and I have it as well.

I’ve been wearing socks since the 90’s. Raynauds.

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