When Treatment and Medication are Not Effective (or the best)

In many countries, doctors are bound of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to treatment of illness and diseases. If a certain doctor is found to have deviated from the standard protocols and the patient degenerates, the doctor and the institution (clinic, hospital) can be sued for malpractice and the doctor could lose his …

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Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

In most parts of the world, it is almost unheard off to set up a complimentary treatment section. I wish conventional hospitals would consider adopting the same approach as many government hospitals in Thailand. Here, the health authorities know that alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acucupping and traditional massage are effective in treating various health conditions and ailments. This is especially so with pain management, arthritis and rheumatism. Effective, non intrusive and little or no side effects.

Rheumatoid Arthritis- food to avoid and healing with acupuncture

It would probably not come as a surprise that if you have rheumatoid arthritis, some of your favourite food may be part of the triggers for your inflammation and joint pain. It is tough but is necessary for you to give up food that would harm you. If you speak to a doctor who is practicing conventional medicine, the doctor would tell you that you can eat anything but perhaps you may need to avoid seafood and duck meat. Things like eggs and poultry are not in the list but in traditional Chinese medicine, these are food known to trigger inflammation.

Stroke: Treatments to go straight to after being discharged from hospital

It is dangerous to assume that everything is alright when there is an apparent 100% recovery (patient did not lose mobility). Few people including my late dad did not had any complication from their first stroke. However the second stroke took my dad’s life and I know of few who suffered permanent paralysis. From Chinese healing systems, when the first stroke happens, blockages in certain meridian points would occur. After being discharged, it is important to go for follow up treatment to heal internally and prevent serious complication should the second stroke happen.

Pain management in elderly from falls- acupuncture is very effective

With falls, the older person or elderly could experience moderate to severe pain that eventually ends up limiting the mobility. Eventually it would get too painful to move or walk and thus the person would avoid movement and walking. This would cause muscle dystrophy and stiffness. Gradually, the person would eventually require a walker, then a wheelchair and later bed bound as lack of movement would also result in other complication.

Alzheimer symptoms start many years before it actually manifest

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer’s in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very wrong years and even decades before their official diagnosis.  If you suspect that your forgetfulness is very unusual, it helps to do more research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and keep informed of the latest developments in battling the illness.

Treatment for unexplained dizziness or vertigo in women

Few months ago, my friend has to rush back from work to send her mother to the emergency room. Her mom had very bad case of dizziness and literally collapsed on the floor, with difficulty to get up.

They spent a few hours in the hospital undergoing tests and scans. The doctors could not find any serious medical condition in her mother. She was given medication that was similar to treat travel sickness and was sent home. Eventually she turned to traditional treatment and have not had vertigo since.

Chiropractor treatment afterstroke

Treatment after stroke for a chance of being able to walk again

Even though the patient seemed to recover fully on the first time of a stroke attack, it does not mean so inside. Usually, the second stroke would result in a severe complication. That is why aside from going to hospital, they would take the stroke patient for traditional Chinese treatment even though the patient seemed to have recovered 100%. I wished I had know about this earlier as my dad suffered complication from his second stroke and passed away. But what has happened has happened. I could not undo the past. All I can do is write about these things in my blog to create awareness.

Chronic Dizziness- treatment using acupuncture is more effective than studying the brains of ballet dancers

In last Saturday’s Star paper, a study revealed that the brain of ballet dancers were different- and from years of practice, they have been conditioned not to feel dizzy. Yes, ballet dancers or even other professional dancers can train themselves not to get dizzy and performed one spin (pirouette) after another. It was found that cerebellum …

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