Chronic Dizziness- treatment using acupuncture is more effective than studying the brains of ballet dancers

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In last Saturday’s Star paper, a study revealed that the brain of ballet dancers were different- and from years of practice, they have been conditioned not to feel dizzy. Yes, ballet dancers or even other professional dancers can train themselves not to get dizzy and performed one spin (pirouette) after another.

It was found that cerebellum of ballet dancers were smaller compared to non ballet dancers. No doubt the study is interesting but….

acucpunture2 - Chronic Dizziness- treatment using acupuncture is more effective than studying the brains of ballet dancers

If one always feel dizzy or giddy, one would need to go and see a doctor and perform a blood test. Is one suffering from low blood pressure?  There are certain foods to avoid– cooling/raw food like salad, cold drinks, etc.

In traditional Chinese healing systems, there are effective treatments for dizziness, vertigo, feelings of faintheartedness- through administering acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. This is because often such problem are caused by element imbalances (deficiency or excess) in the body and this can easily be rectified once balance is retored.

Usually acupuncture and medication using Chinese herbs would work hand in hand. One is able to obtain instant relief from acupuncture but it is the Chinese herbs that would work to correct the imbalances in the body.

For example for me, I had been having chronic lower back pain which I suspect was from a nasty fall I had a few years ago. I was able to manage the pain with exercise and stretching but I knew the condition would get worst with age. When I went to acupuncture, I got instant relief- but the doctor explained that I had kidney deficiencies (and also other imbalances) that would cause weakness in the area. Hence after the acupuncture treatment, she administered herbs to correct the imbalances.

In the case of feeling dizzy, vertigo and such condition, if you have tried medication and it does not work for you, I would suggest you give acupuncture a try.  Try to go to a center which comes under recommendation from someone you know or go through a listing of licensed acupuncturist in your area.

Here is a testimonial that I found from this website. The patient’s testimonial correctly describe the plight of those with unexplainable dizziness and vertigo- to the point that one is unable to function and how this ancient Chinese treatment was able to offer relief:

During 2008, I had experienced 2 separate episodes of vertigo attack where my head was constantly dizzy. One episode lasted a month and the other, a long stretch of three months. I was constantly dizzy, had very little balance and felt nauseous. If I lied on my back and stared at the ceiling, the ceiling would spin in circles. When I get up in the morning, I would stumble along the hallway to the bathroom and at times, almost falling down. Worst of all, when my one year old daughter wanted to play with me, the best I could do is to sit on a chair and talk to her. I simply could not get up and move without feeling dizzy headed. The feeling was extremely helpless and very depressing. Not to mention, the burden of taking care of the daily chores surrounding my family fell on my wife which further added pressure for me to recover.
After seeking medical advice of a neurologist, eye and throat specialist, infectious disease specialists and after a brain MRI, blood tests, the best the doctors can diagnose was, vertigo. After taking anti-vert medication & antibiotics, my dizziness continued unabated. The medications did nothing for me. After three months of my head constantly spinning, I was ready to give up. It was starting to affect my work and more importantly, my family. I knew I had to try something unconventional.
My wife did a lot of research and discovered acupuncture therapy and more importantly, Dr. Chen. I decided it was time to give acupuncture a try. After meeting with Dr. Chen, she discovered that I was experiencing high level of stress and there were extreme tension surrounding my neck and shoulder areas. The core muscles were so tight that the blood flow to my brain had been massively restricted and thus, the dizziness. The cure involved a regimen of acupuncture therapy for two weeks and more importantly, understanding that I really need to take a step back and try to relax as much as I can.
After three weeks of therapy and one session per week with Dr. Chen, my dizziness was eradicated 100%. I can not believe how effective her treatments were. While I still get aches and pains on my neck from time to time but the dizziness is no longer there. The difference is night and day. As I would tell Dr. Chen.. ” Wow… I have not seen so much light and with so much clarity from my eyes for so long… until now…” Dr. Chen was able to accurately diagnose my illness and treat it effectively without any medication or harmful chemicals that may have adverse effects on my body. My family and I are forever grateful for what Dr. Chen has done for us and I would highly recommend her….



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