How to Relieve Mouth Ulcers

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Mouth ulcer is an extremely uncomfortable condition where open sores appear inside the area of the mouth.

To relieve the ulcer, you can apply relieving gels such as Bonjela that are sold over the counter in pharmacies.

However, if the gels are not available, you can relieve by smashing up a vitamin B12 or B Complex pill and apply it on the open sore. Repeat once every 3 or 4 hours- drink water prior to application and not after that. You will feel a bit uncomfortable but the pain goes off very fast.

Another traditional method used to relieve the sore – very painful but effective- is to rub the affected area with salt (ouch!). Very painful.

Constant Reoccurance of Mouth Ulcers

If you suffer from constant reoccurance of mouth ulcers, it could be an indication that:

  • your immune system is not strong- this could be due to stress, imbalance diet
  • a weak immune system makes the body more susceptible to fungal and bacteria infection
  • mouth cancer (especially when the ulcer just refuse to heal)

Types of Mouth Ulcers

  • Canker Sores
  • Cold sores- caused by herpes simplex virus – the same virus that cause infection at the STD (sexually transmitted diseases)

Another Reason Why You Should STOP Buying Ice Drinks from Outside

Commercial ice had been known to be prepared under very unhygenic conditions- I will leave it to your imagination as to why the herpes simplex virus can get into the commercial ice- when the handlers did not wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. It’s gross but after discussing with a friend who had stayed a few years in UK, even he admited that he is aware of such a condition (and I thought the condition is only prevalent in Asia). Unfortunately, there is no cure for the virus. Once the virus gets inside you, it lies dormant in your body- then when your immune system weakens, the virus will act up by giving mouth ulcers.

Mouth Ulcers & the Immune System

Mouth ulcer is our body’s way of warning us that our immune system is weak. As such, whenever you note that mouth ulcers are constantly reoccuring, you may want to look into certain areas:

Are you facing lots of stress?

Learn how to handle stress through exercising, taking time to relax, talking it out with someone and delegation of task

Are you neglecting your diet?

If you are stuffing yourself with fast food and instant microwave meals – you really need to find time to eat more vegetables (preferably raw and washed clean) and fruits. Have some apples on your desk for you to munch on it twice a day. Try to cut down on fast/ processed food- take stir fried or steamed versions. And drink lots of water to boost your immune system and toxin removal of the body.

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