Overcoming headaches without painkillers

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Majority of our headaches are tension headaches- likely caused by blocked meridian channels or if you want an easier explaination, tensed muscles.

When you exercise your shoulders or have someone massage it, you would find that your shoulders are tensed and stiff- especially if you are prone to headache and a stiff neck.

One home remedy that I can suggest is performing simple quasa on the shoulders, the shoulder blades, backbone and neck region that can relief the stiffness on the area. Often the person would have instant relief.

Another method is using your trampoline/ rebounder and doing some cane exercise and light guasa massage. The whole process would take you less than 10 minutes.

I experience the effect one day while working- when I feel a headache building up- as the hours went by, it got more and more painful. I tried to lightly massage the points in my head but it seemed the headache was here to stay.

Riding on my own belief that headaches are caused by blocked meridian channels and it can be immediately relieved if you were to unblock the channel, I’ve decided to try out my theory. The headache was getting really bad- so went I got home and before I eat anything, I jumped on my rebounder and bounced away. Rebounders are good for lymphatic drainage and to clear some block channels- it is also low impact- and is different from jogging on a treadmill or other aerobic exercise where your feet lands on a hard surface- the force (Newton’s 3rd law) that comes from the impact on the floor may just make that headache worse.

In between, I took my cane (from the cane exercise) and started to hit my shoulders lightly to release the tension in the muscle and to unblock the channels. Then I used the cane to massage the sides of my neck and front and back of my head. And then I continue bouncing for a little while.

I felt the pressure in my head was moving- means like air moving around my head- there was some pain but at least any blocked chi/qi channels due to my tensed shoulders may be released. As I got off the rebounder, I felt my headache gradually going off. Within 10 minutes, the headache was completely gone.

The natural reaction of those with headache is to pop in a painkiller. But what can the painkiller do other than to numb the nerves to stop the pain signal from going to the brain? It does not solve the real underlying issue.

Caution: If you have any illness, vertigo or high blood pressure, please consult your doctor before trying this.  If it is the early sign of stroke, it is very important not to do this exercise because if one loses the balance and fall of the rebounder, the consequence may be fatal.

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