How Hollywood celebrities slim down

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E Channel featured a slot on Big Celeb Slimdowns (you can view more photos in their online Gallery here).

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Celebrities are no different than us- they battle with weight as much as we do. And given their hectic schedule- touring, flying, travelling- often they just grab whatever fastest food they can find- and often, these pre-packaged food are high in preservatives, calories, sugar and saturated fat. Given the endless media appearances and rehersals, it would be a challenge to find time to exercise- often they would be so tired that they just dropped to bed – after the night parties that they must be obliged to attend.

So, it is no wonder that some would just put on weight. Where our lives may not be that glamorous and we do not find everyone demanding a piece of our time- surely we would be able to spare more time to exercise.

From the show, the common cited reasons for weight gain in the celebrities featured were:

  • they have always been ‘chubby’ when young and their size lands them in comedy roles
  • giving birth
  • endless touring, hectic schedule,  unhealthy eating and no time to exercise
  • having to gain weight for a role in a movie

The point that motivated them to lose the required weight was because:

  • for example, Jessica Alba and Halle Berry, after giving birth, need to lose weight fast to appear in media awards
  • Jason Stump, a former singer from Fallout Boy had gone so fat, with people giving unkind comments that he had to hide in his clothes- using scarf to cover his neck, etc.  He decided to do something about it rather than remain like that forever
  • personal tradegy- one of the celebrity lost his father to cancer- his father was about 61 years old and due to lifelong neglect of his health, he was not able to fight the cancer. This made the star to be determined that he did not want the same thing to happen to him

How celebrities lost the weight:

  • Most did the old fashioned way of watching what they eat and exercising.
  • Sara Rue went on Jenny Craig program- where she does not deprive herself- by cooking healthier food and in larger portions, those on the program still can eat healthily and lose weight. Previously in the past, all the yo-yo dieting had not worked for her- she had stopped eating food, lose weight, then could not control the eating and put all the weight back on
  • Jason Stump- who struggled with weight loss (initially he gained weight because after breaking up with his girlfriend he was on a diet of champaign and fried chicken)- had an ‘aha’ moment at a fast food restaurant in Japan. He noticed that the Japanese were eating fast food there- but they were all slim. He then realised that it may not be necessary the type of food you eat but the portion. He cut down his portion size and saw his weight dropped
  • they have a friend or meet a partner who is fit and healthy- and that friend/partner becomes their role model and give them the nudge the need to lose weight
  • Britney Spears engaged a personal trainer who also took care of what she ate- she did a lot of workout and some targetted exercises focusing on the core (to regain back her signature toned midrif that was gone after giving birth). Britney’s concerts and performance involves lots of dancing and thus she had to had the stamina and fitness of an ahtlete.  According to the trainer, Britney faithfully followed the program and after which, lose a lot of weight and managed to do her performance.
  • Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, after giving birth, worked out almost everyday with intensity and both regained back their target weight after 7 months (basically they looked the same like how they were prior to getting pregnant).

For some of the celebrities interviewed like Jordan Sparks, they tell of how good it feels to have lose weight. No matter what, being overweight robs them of self confidence. Even those who had always been fat during their childhood said that it just feels great- they feel better, have more stamina, self confidence.

It is the mindset- be it for whatever reasons: health, to look better, to be fitter, to lose weight enough to be able to attend an important event…… if you set your mind to it and you stick to do and lose the weight, you don’t only get a fitter body, you would start to really believe in yourself.

Most of us lack the self confidence that we can achieve what we set out to do. Deep down inside there is a lot of doubt and fear- if we get past all the negative dialog and obstacles and we achieve our goals, we would know that we can succeed at what we had set up to do.

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