Cold flare ups and pressure in the inner ear

Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Health Symptom posted by someone:

Does anyone know anything about ear problems?
My mom has suffered for a month and was not getting better. She has had cold after cold and the pressure is still in her ear. The doctors have given her antibotics,and there is still no improvement. It is driving her nuts it feels like she’s in a tunnel all the time,does anyone know how to get rid of the pressure?

Explanation from perspective of Chinese healing:

Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)and energy levels- that her kidney energies are weak. In TCM, kidney and ears are linked- so the ringing in the ears indicate that her energy level is low, coupled with constant colds. If she improve on her energy levels, she may see other corresponding symptoms like fatigue, or maybe joint pains improving.

But for a start, don’t take raw vegetables, drink cold/cool drinks. Always take warm water. No bathing and especially washing hair at night. Try to take more ginger to warm the body.

She can also see an ENT- Ear Nose Throat specialists who would be able to conduct more tests (but more expensive).

Explanation from Mind-Body Connection:

From mind body perspective, ie how physical symptoms is an indicative of emotional issues that we are facing, colds can be associated with ‘the body is trying to cry’. If the person feels very sad or dissapointed with something, but is either supresses or unable to express that sadness, it can flare in the form of colds. Ringing in the ear or hearing problems may be associated with the fact that the person ‘does not want to hear what’s going on’.  So the emotional factor manifests into a physical symptom.

Sometimes when a spouse is verbally abusive, constantly scolding and yelling at the other person, the person may develop a ear related problem- it can be build up of fluid or ringing that causes problems with hearing. That is why often kids who live in the home where the parents constantly quarrel non stop would develop fluid in the ear as well. If the relationship of the parents improve, the problems would also go away.

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