Habit of taking light instead of heavy dinner

Last Updated on August 10, 2020

In our office a number of my colleagues, myself included regularly have to work late. By the time some of them commute back home,  it would be late….and they would still be taking their regular dinner.

It does not take long for one to gain weight especially at the tummy area.

If we want to lose weight,  we should never skip breakfast. But we can consider skipping dinner instead. Or have very light and low calorie foods like fruits, clear vegetable soup or some wholegrain bread with cereal.

Together with an exercise program, you would see results quickly.

It is easy to eat 300 to 500 calories worth of food but tough to burn it off. If you eat late at night, the food is just going to sit there and gets converted to fat as you sleep. …unless you are going for morning runs.

Else reducing your dinner intake is an effective way of just keeping the pounds off and reducing some more.

If you are used to a good dinner you may feel awkward and uncomfortable at first…but like any habits, you would soon get used to it.

For myself, I had been used to a very light dinner. I find this way effective in keeping weight from ballooning out of control when I could not find time to exercise and had been eating more than I should during the day. Usually I would have some light tea in the evening like a two pieces of bread…with some hot chocolate if I am hungry.

So much so that one night when I ate a large dinner to celebrate someone’s birthday, I felt so stuffed and uncomfortable and I could not sleep. After tossing for a while, I decide to just get up to type some blog posts and go for the predawn jogging that I had never got around to doing.

Therefore if you want to lose weight, learn to take no or a very light dinner. And take it early,  no later than 7pm if possible. If you are worried that you would be too hungry…well…sleep early.

Early to bed and early to rise makes us feel better and less tired.

Really….give it a try and soon you would be able to pick up the habit just like I have.

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