Leading an active life after retirement

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Upon retirement, one often find that he/she has a lot of time to waste, as opposed to previously when time was a precious commodity. Many are at lost on how to respond to this change since they are accustomed to a daily working routine for 25 years or more. Some start to get the idea that they should enjoy life by watching Tamil or Wah Lai Toi (Astro Chinese channels- cable TV) the entire day.

Furthermore, there is no diversion as their children, by now who have become busy working young adults are away from home the entire day- folks nowadays put up long working hours. Before they know it, the retirees are hanging on to the next episode of a drama series and do not get up from their couch the entire day, except to visit the toilet or to go to the fridge.

I find it sad that many retirees fall into the trap of being a TV addict once they retire- they have worked hard all their lives, raise up kids. I am sure when they are working, they would have had dreams, of things that they wish they have more time to do. Perhaps it is to take up a hobby, or to even pursue further education. Now is the time to do it. It is a waste of life to watch TV.

While we may find that a majority of people who retire start the journey to the road of being a coach potato, you have those who still remain active way after retirement. When such stories are published, it is often an inspiration for all the others out there.

The Star paper had recently published the story of 4 active seniors who gathered together to play tennis for 2 hours, 3 times a week. They called themselves as “The Fearsome Four”.  According to Ismail Ali, who is the most senior of the 4, “an active lifestyle was the recipe for longevity and fending off the niggling pains that crept up with advancing age.”

Seniors being active in their 70s is an inspiration to others
Seniors being active in their 70s is an inspiration to others

Read the full story “Still Fearsome in their 70s” in The Star Metro dated 29 May 09 here.

Example of active seniors:

  • those who are volunteering their time teaching Tai Chi, qi gong in the park in the mornings after learning the skill from their teachers. They help other people to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can find that in parks- they do not charge people for that
  • those who are still working part time- taking on a much less stressful job. Just to pass time, they take on jobs like librarian, helping out in the office, etc.
  • joining the gym- there are many more slow paced classed being offered in the gym that seniors can participate. And the price of gym membership is reasonable- after all, the senior can spend the entire morning almost everyday there- it is well worth the money. Seeing seniors joining the gym really inspires me.
  • those who take up new skills such as learning about blogging, internet and actively participating in discussion forums with like-minded people from other parts of the world. You will be amazed, some seniors are more knowledgable in the internet world that people half their age.

Unfortunately, as we age, pain and illness start to catch up with us. Instead of spending time being depressed by an seemingly inevitable fate of pain, why not try to experiment ways to get out of it. But while you are researching, just be careful of the many scams out there like miraculous herbs or pills.

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