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I’m glad to have a few colleagues who friends who share the same aspiration that I have. When I met any of the gym kakis when I happen to eat at the pantry, we will talk bout classes, what to do, eat, etc. I am still a novice while they are already well experienced. Feel a bit bad when others non so crazy about exercise are around and have to bear with the talk.

Yesterday, spoke to a collaegue of mine who successfully lost 10kg since Raya (last Oct). He had advised me to cut down on my fruits portion- I was taking too much of it even though I have almost eliminated refined carbs from my diet.

He shared on some ways of how he did it:

  • Literally cut down on refined sugar and processed carbs
  • Take fruits- but smaller portions.
  • Exercise a lot- easily burn 800 calories, sometimes till 1000 cal.
  • Uses the treadmill- can be slow at speed (no. 6) but steep include- turn to max 15
  • Weight training 3 times a week and alternate between muscle.

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