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Since increasing intake of natural food, minimizing sugar and processed carbs, and combining with my usual exerice regime, I have seen the following changes in myself:

  • Feel so much more energized and less tired.
  • Knee problems had dissapeared. Even though I have done yoga based exerised for a quite, I still had knee pains till I cut off sugar. Then the problem was gone. I can do a full lotus posture now.
  • Better control of my temper.
  • Run up a flight of stairs and not tired.
  • Less hungry (hee hee, coz I am still snacking on healthy food).
  • Addiction to caffeine is much reduced.
  • No monthly PMS blues- not that mine is bad. But I don’t feel the bloatedness and tiredness that come with it.
  • Most processed stuff starts to taste far too sweet for my liking.

But, shed only very little weight- about 1kg off at most (coz I had slagged and just came back on board about 2 weeks ago). Still, the well being I experienced really give me an inner motivation.

And journalling it also makes me want to keep up- after all, this is posted in my blog. Can’t really afford to slack too often, rite? 🙂

If you set up to achieve a particular goal, journally it is a good idea, be it via an online blog or in a book. Months or years from now, you can start studying the progress, whats make it work or otherwise.

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