Battle Fatigue by Taking Fruits First Thing in the Morning

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First thing in the morning when you wake up, try to be conscious of the sensations in your tummy and digestive system- do you experience discomfort and bloating? Sometimes you get pain which you may have thought is due to gastric (since you have not eaten the whole night)? Then you go and have your breakfast- coffee with bread, cookies or some greasy stuff- and then, the entire day, you feel sort of tired?

If that is the case, I would like you to try out having just warm water and taking fruits first thing when you get up. Oranges are convenient because you only need to cut them up and can immediately eat them. Don’t take bottled or canned juice as most of them are nothing but processed sugar- it could make your stomach worst. Take the whole real fruit.

During the days nearing Chinese New Year (it falls on the 26 January 09), I spent many days during housecleaning. At first, my energy levels were high- then not long later, I feel tired to work. I thought it was attributed to the extreme dry and hot tropical weather that sometimes have a tiring effect on the body.  I even tried to switch to start work in the evenings when it was not too hot- and still the same- I felt tired.

Then it struck me that it could be due to sluggish digestive system. I have been going on for too many days eating whatever I could get- such as cookies or cakes, together with my cup of coffee first thing in the morning. One morning, I decided to have a cup of warm water together with 2 oranges. I took the oranges slowly while reading the newspaper.

Fresh fruits sold in Chow Kit market, Kuala Lumpur

Fresh fruits sold in Chow Kit market, Kuala Lumpur

And I was surprised- having the citrus fruits sort of zap me up- and I don’t feel tired. But you need to take fruits and warm water (not too much of warm water as it will dilute your digestive abilities) on an empty stomach. Try it- especially if you are suffering constantly from stomach pain and gastric- it really helps. As I’ve mentioned in previous post, I learned about this from a housemate during my university days- this housemate of mine always had severe gastric attacks. Till she started taking oranges on an empty stomach, followed by unprocessed oats about 20 minutes later. After that, her gastric was cured.

Many people don’t believe this- it is sad that they will rather be taking antacids and whatever solution that the doctor prescribes rather than giving this simple remedy a try. I understand how we are so used to having the usual stuff for breakfast- for me- I needed my daily caffeine dose first thing when I wake up. But for the sake of my health and internal spring cleaning, I take fruits once a while in the morning on an empty stomach and wait for a while before having breakfast.

Just as you will make an effort to sweep and mop your house when the floors are dirty, even so you must clean up your digestive system by eating fiber and drinking water. When first thing in the morning your digestive track is clear of other food obstruction- you can then clean it effectively- like you will need to pick up newspaper and whatever that is on the floor when you sweep to ensure that you clean effectively.  I believe that if we all were to follow this remedy early, we can prevent stomach and intestine cancers that are one of the top cancer killers.

Caution: If you suffer from stomach and digestive pain and the symptoms does not improve, please go and consult a doctor to get a checkup done. It is advisable to go for regular medical screenings.

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