Why using panty liners and femine wash do more harm than good

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My mom used to tell me that back in the olden days, Dettol was used to wash and disinfect toilets in the hospitals. When Dettol was later commercialised to be used as soaps and body wash, she was surprised over the use of disinfectant over the skin.

The air we breathe and around us all have bacteria- the keyboard, our mobile phones have so much of bacteria on them that can make you faint if you were to look under the microscope.

We have the good and bad bacteria. The good ones help to keep the bad ones in check. So when we use disinfectant, we kill the bad, AS WELL as the good ones. When that happens, the coast is clear for the bad bacterias to come and conquer and make a gala time for themselves. So, the effect is that the more we use disinfectant, the more we may seemed to suffer from rashes, red itchiness or skin infections.

Those with skin problems like psoriasis should never wash themselves with Dettol or any anti bacteria.

Why using feminine wash is bad

Now, let’s go down south. Our private areas have host of bacterias or otherwise known as good and bad floras. The battle between good and evil goes on indefinitely down there- it is your good bacteria that helps to keep the bad bacteria in check. Again, if you use feminine wash, yes, it temporary takes away any unpleasant smell and the fragrance that comes with the feminine wash masked away any unpleasant smell- well- it’s like spraying perfume to try to cover body odor- the problem’s still there.

Anyway, when you use feminine wash, you’ll end up killing BOTH the bad and good floras. So the next time you go and relieve yourself, within milliseconds the bad floras would build up- from urine. Unfortunately, the good flora that was helping to keep things in check are all gone- so the bad floras would rule and conquer. Don’t forget that bacterias get themselves easily embedded in the underwear.

So the effect- easier to get urinary track infections, itchiness, pain, recurring herpes or STDs (if the condition had previously existed before) if femine wash or anti bacteria soaps are being used often…. down at the genital areas.

Why wearing panty liner is not a good idea

The best type of underwear to use are cotton underwear- because it allows a bit of ventilation.  The poly fibres are the worst to use- it does not absorb moisture and does not allow any ventilation.

And comes to panty liners- now, below the panty liner is a layer of plastic that blocks any fluid from going down. When that happens, any bodily discharge and moisture would just gather on the liner itself. This would be such a great breeding grounds for bacterias- if combined together with feminine wash- then the good ones would be eliminated.

Sometimes ladies had to use pantyliners- due to excessive fluid discharge,  etc. If unable to avoid using it, at least ensure it is changed often especially after bath when you have washed yourself clean. You would not want to use a soiled liner or even a soiled underwear for it would tonnes of bad bacterias there- if you don’t have the habit of changing after your bath, it would explain the constant itch and discomfort. Each time you choose to clean the area with even plain soap, it would be best to change the pantyliner.

The ictching underwear

If the underwear causes itching after wearing- avoid washing and drying it up at night- for dark and dampness are good bacteria breeding grounds. What you should do is to wash it in the morning and have the hot sun to dry it up.

Someone once told me the itchy underwear problem and after I’ve suggested to sun the underwear, the problem was solved.

Another alternative is to soak your underwear using anti bacteria body shampoo/body wash. I do not use anti bacteria liquid soap when bathing (due to it killing both the good and bad bacteria on my skin surface). But I still buy these to use it to soak my underwear to kill off any bacteria and germs. I do not use Clorox or Dettol solution because I hand wash them and find anti bacteria body shampoo is much less harsher on my hands.

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