Why do my tonsils keep swelling up?

Mind-Body Connection

Someone asked this question sometime back:

2 weeks ago my tonsils were swollen and filled with white stuff. 
So I went to the doctors then they did rapid strep throat test & it came up negative.
I was on antibiotics and after I finished them, the problem came back after 2 days.
I went back to the doctors and they took my blood last night & sent out results for that & everything came back negative.
Did any one have a similar problem to this? 

My 2 cents:

Pardon me if it does not make sense- because since you have seen a doctor, who could not find anything wrong,  I will write about the emotional side of tonsil flare ups.

Tonsil is the first line of our body’s defense system. When it becomes swollen, it indicates that the body’s immune system is down and unable to fight off the bacteria and infecting microorganism.
Related to life, could it be that you are undergoing some kind of pressure- like peer pressure or bullies and feel helpless to fight it off. Or you get upset but ‘swallow’ it and show a cheerful face. Tonsil flare ups may be our body’s way of telling us that it is not okay that we bear with things.  Flare ups often got to do with inner anger that we may be feeling that we are trying to bear with it.

The body reacts quite similar to how we react in life.  Once we learn to deal with issues or problems- like talking to someone we can trust or getting counselling to help us to deal with the challenges, the health problem also disappear mysteriously.

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