Are my nose bleeds normal or a bad sign?

Cold-Flu-Chill-Fever, Mind-Body Connection, Pain or Injuries

Case study:

I had nose bleeds when I was little but they stopped about the time of puberty. But a year or so ago the nose bleeds started again.  I don’t really have allergies and the nose bleeds don’t just happen a certain time in the year.  It has progressed to about two or more times a month. I was just wondering if this is ok or if it could be a sign of something more serious.  Currently I am 21 years old.

My suggestions:

Do check with a doctor first to check on the nose bleeds. Perhaps what happened within my family had worried me (because I’ve lost 3 relatives to nose cancer).  Get the doctor to check for lumps or any abnormal growth.

From Chinese medicine perspective- I have read that when a person’s body is too heaty- coupled with hot weather, nose bleeds may happen. Normally the Chinese practioner may prescribed a set of medication to balance out the elements in the body.

If everything is clear and the nose bleeds continue,  then explore the mind body connection. There is a Chinese saying: “you make me so angry that my nose bleeds.” The verbal spontenous expression sometimes reflects the emotions within.

Because the nose bleeds happened since young, it could be related to the way you may deal with certain types of people or it could be related to a person in particular who had been present in your life. The person could be making you so upset but you have been unable to express the anger.

Sometimes when we are so angry inside but we cannot yell or do not express it, when the pressure reaches an unbearable level, it ‘explodes’. And the experience is painful, which often reflects the pain within.

If indeed there is such a situation in your life, then you may want to consider to learn to deal with the situation for your health’s sake. Try speaking to a conselor or learning how to be more assertive/ or taking anger management classes (problem controlling outbursts), whichever is applicable. Once the issue is faced instead of supressed, the associating physical symptoms would just go off.

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