Why do I have cough, dry throat and stingy watery eyes?

Last Updated on September 22, 2020

A question posed by someone:

What’s happening to me?
For the past 4-5 days my throat has been really dry and I felt like coughing all the time. And I did cough all the time, like a really bad smoker kind of cough. And my eyes sting and are watery. What is this? Also do you think that kissing my doggie all the time and him sneezing sometimes on my face has anything to do with this?

Mind body connection to the symptoms:

All the symptoms seemed to point out to hurt or sad feelings. It’s as if the body is trying to cry- stingy  and watery eyes. Was there any particular events that made you feel very sad or hurt?

No doubt, sometimes pets can spread germs- but if we are fine, then our immune can easily fight off those nasty germs. After all, in the air we have all types of bacteria that we are inhaling all the time.

If indeed there is something bothering emotionally, or a heartache, then find someone to talk to. Sometimes the simple act of talking can help. But stay away from those who ask you to suppress or make a small deal of the situation. It may make you feel worse and may make you suppress the problem to a deeper level.

Often when we are down and lonely we tend to feel vulnerable- so if there is no one to talk to, then doing things like watching funny shows, taking quiet walks can help.

Just my 2 cents.

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