Success story with the gallbladder flush shared by a reader

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I received a comment dropped by a reader by the name of Karen. She has kindly shared her experience in the gallbladder flush- introduced by Dr Lai Chun Nan.

Her experience served as an inspiration for those who are considering to try this method.

Here is Karen’s experience:

I have to share my experience. I came across this site in 2010 after the Doctor had said I could have gall stones. Remembering that my mother had had them and also that she had them removed and then she ended up with cancer. and didn’t make it. I decided to do some research.

About a month after that visit to the Dr. I had a really bad attack, didn’t  know for sure what it was, So I went to the Dr. again and he did blood work and sent me to have an ultra sound done.

The findings were that my cholesterol was off the charts and my gall bladder was full of stones and I saw them for myself and it was like a seed pod, I mean full! My liver was enlarged along with my spleen and appendix. Not a good picture.

The Dr. had me come in right away the next morning and had me all set up with a surgeon to have my gall bladder removed. To his great disappointment I let him know about this procedure and that I wanted to try it. He was not happy with me. I was a bit scared, but I really didn’t want the surgery either.

The first time that I did the flush, nothing. I was disappointed, but did not give up. That went on for 5 times. then it happened, I started to get stones to numerous to count. all sizes. I started to feel better, a lot better!  During this time I started to find out what was good to eat and not good to eat. For gall bladder and for Cholesterol. Good and bad fats. I got an education, and a good one. 

A year and a half later. I had lost 40 pounds and had done about 15 flushes with great results. Went back to the same Dr. and did the blood tests, along with another ultra sound and the next day the call came from the Dr. He was happy to report that my cholesterol was back to normal and that the little stones that were there, he didn’t think that I should even worry about them, not only that my liver is no longer enlarged and my spleen and appendix were all back to normal. I was thrilled and thankful that I didn’t have that surgery.

I hope that is help to someone. I know that I needed confirmation when I was going through this.

And I am planning on doing more of these flushes.

On a side note, I have been one to have fall season allergies, well on one of our worst years during these flushes, I am happy to report that those allergies were gone. I don’t understand it, but I feel there was a connection.
Karen, TX.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your experience. Hopefully this will benefit many other readers out there who is searching for a validation of this method. Especially that your gallbladder had so much stones with enlarged liver, spleen and appenditis ….with the gallbladder cleanse or flush, you have managed to cure these health problems, bring down your cholesterol and cure your allergies. Thanks.


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