Future plans… moving into healing and exercise as medicine

Complementary Healing

I have been spending the past few years researching and trying out ways towards better health. Starting with the obvious, exercising and trying to eat right.  But realizing something was missing then moved me to look for answers. And I learned about core strength.

Developing core strength helps to reduce injury and makes the body stronger. When we normally exercise, we would stabilize the body while moving weights or doing our cardiovascular workouts or stretching. However, in the normal activities of daily living, there’re different from usual exercising. For instance, we would need to quickly stabilize ourselves when walking on a slippery fall or make use of our core muscles when moving our bodies or carrying heavy things. Core exercises like using just the body, or the stability balls or certain exercises with cable machines, medicine balls, etc mimics our activities of daily living where we usually engage the entire body. Think about it, we need our core muscles to hold us upright when we are sitting in the office the whole day- and that involves the entire head, neck, shoulders all the way to the stomach and butts.

Core exercises helped a lot- I do them often. Still, I find a vital piece of the puzzle missing.

Personally, I have a creaking knee problem– on my right knee. It’s strange- except for the fact that it creaks if you move in knee-jerk motions- they generally don’t give me pain. I can run, kick and jump like a normal person without pain or discomfort. When I check from other exercise forums, others who’ve had it shared that according to their doctors, it is okay so long as it does not give problems- unless I ate the wrong food and if the weather is really cold. I guess I got this was because of years of drinking iced milk tea and other iced drinks when my body is the “yin” type- ie is cooling by nature and therefore taking cooling stuff and ice would be detrimental. I seldom take iced drinks now.

Doing strength training exercises on my legs and building my core definitely helps because it makes the major part of my body stronger and was able to prevent more pressure and shock on my knees. That is why I recommend that for those with such problems, or showing initial signs of arthritis and osteoporosis- never avoid exercising because it will accelerate the condition.

Yet, being given this condition made me want to move towards the area of healing. I’ve now build my fitness to a level I am very happy with. But the missing puzzle would be to find other forms of healing methods such as qi gong. I’ve a gut feeling that the creaking is caused by meridian blockages in certain parts of my body. By learning to clear meridian blockages would enable proper and smooth energy, blood, and oxygen flow. And if I do figure a way out of this creaking knee problem that I have, I would be able to help others with similar and related predicament.

This is what I planned to explore in year 2010.  As I go along the way, I hope to write and publish more of these methods in this blog.

Here’s wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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