Exercising for a Tired Body and Mind Part 2

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

There are times when I wake up feeling really tired because of active dreams (always seemed to have this problem and can’t seems to find a cure). During these times, I am so tempted to sleep longer- but I know that it seldom helps and I would have to deal with the prospect of a tired and drained out workday.

During these tired times as I dragged myself and my heavy gym bag to the gym, I would feel as if my entire body is made of lead. The first 8 minutes of cardio would seem like an uphill task, with half awake heavy feeling limbs. But as the muscles warm up, I am able to add more intensity to the exercises. Sometimes I would just shock the muscles by suddenly increasing the gradient or effort levels. After a while, they get the message and will wake up.

Normally due to shortage of time, I would probably manage to squeeze in 15 to 20 min of cardio (burning bout 200kcal) before I head out to the Swiss ball- and do about 30 crunches. Then I will stretch down. After a good bath, hair wash and a cup of coffee, I feel refreshed and ready for work.

If you wake up in the morning feeling very tired and drained, I strongly do not advise you to continue sleeping- instead, get some exercise- if you do not go to gym, try the skipping rope or dancing to your favourite music. Do some aerobic activity for at least 10 min- till your muscles warm up and you really sweat. Then do stretching to cool down. It will make a big difference to how you feel the entire day. Believe me, I know it does.

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