What type of eater are you?

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Just watched the Marilu Henner’s Shape Up show in discovery H&H (Home & Living). I love her show coz:

  • she covers many aspects of health & fitness, from the inside out.
  • she also show how home makeover works- inspiring for clutters like me.
  • features talks by health specialist to talk about common health issues we face such as back problems, allergies, gastrics.

According to Marilu, there are 6 types of eaters. It’s likely we are guilty of more than one type of eater, depending on our lifestyles and what we are going thru:


1. The Robot

  • Mindlessly and automatically eat without paying attention to what you put in your mouths.
  • Most of the time, could be distracted by something while eating, ie watching TV, on the phone, reading newspaper or talking to someone.
  • Come World Cup, folks at the mamak store or people watching from home (with a big bag of chips and lots of sodas)

2. The Eater

  • Absolutely love the taste of food. Cannot stop eating.

3. The Bargainer

  • Apply some kind of eating strategy that sometimes may not be healthy. Always say, “OK, I will do this in order to have this.”
  • For instance, fast for a few days so that will feel less guilty to binge later on.
  • No natural relationship with eating.

4. The Zealic

  • Calorie counting- very careful eater.
  • Reads the latest diet books and try to follow.
  • Never listen to the body’s signals but eat according to strict rules

5. The Mommy

  • Eat leftovers- hate to see any food go to waste.
  • If the kids don’t want to eat certain food, will finish the food up and as the result, weight gain.

6. The Crybaby.

  • Emotion eater who tends to overeat- puts feeling into eating.
  • Feeling sad? Will go and gobble down a tube of ice cream or lots of cookies.


  • The Robot– put down whatever you’re doing and concentrate on your food. Keep distraction away when you are eating. Sit down and learn to enjoy your food. And lose that big bag of chips.
  • The Eater- Plan when and what to eat. Then eat according to plan. Place a timer to program your mind not to eat after the stipulated timeframe.
  • The Bargainer– No more picking. Eat moderately. “If you don’t feast, you don’t have to fast”.
  • The Zealic– stop counting and measuring calories! Stop counting for a week and really learn to listen and eat according to what your body need. Eat nutricious food.
  • The Mommy– do not eat the leftovers (give it to a stray?). Have your own food to enjoy instead. You’re worth it.
  • The Crybaby– replace emotional eating with movement. Put on your MP3, running shoes and go exercising the next time you feel a great urge to eat. Exercise gives you 3 benefits- get you away from the food, burn calories and keep your emotion stable.

Well, I have tried to copy as much as I can because I really find her advise very useful. Instead of writing all over the place, I write on my blog so that I can retrieve and read it in future.

According to her also,

  • …. eating is not about counting calories
  • …. eat real food coz you are a REAL person.
  • …. once you nurish your body gets the nutrients that it needs, it will tell you when to stop.

It has been true for me. I have been adapting this new eating habit for weeks now. These few days, I get full by eating much less. And when I want to eat, I want to eat real food. I have suffered the effects of bad eating habits for so long that I appreciate the well being that nutrition and proper diet provides. I don’t really crave for junk much anymore like what I have always been used to.

Whenever I feel like taking a piece of sugary savory, I will think of the tiring and lethargic feelings that I will experience later. It always put me off.

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