Why am I sick with diabetes/hyperglycemia like symptoms

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Following is a health condition posted by someone:

I have been sick for a while now, probably a little over a month and a half, and I thought that I may have had diabetes. Well, my blood tests (they were fasting blood tests) came back good as well as urine tests, but my symptoms really point to some blood sugar disease. I have been going to the bathroom a lot, nauseous, constantly thirsty, tired, had some chest pains, and I’ve lost 7+ pounds last time i checked a week ago. Anybody know what I could have or have these and could give some insight? (and I did see a doctor and I already know its not mono, diabetes, or hyperglycemia)

My 2 cents:

Since the blood tests came back normal, I would like to make a mind-body-emotion connection to this. Hypo/hyperglycemia-like symptoms very much mimics an adrenaline reaction. These symptoms can be triggered when there is stressed- like having to sit for an important exam or to give an important presentation.

If you are going to the bathroom a lot, could it be because you also consume a lot of coffee? Too much of caffeine intake- regardless of in coffee or tea would make us want to go to the bathroom often. Not only that, I find caffeine easily sets of hypo or hyperglycemia because it amplifies the stress, fear or nervousness that we are feeling. Once while sitting for exam, the caffeine I was taking triggered an attack– mostly because I had too high expectations on myself. Coffee also stresses the heart because it makes our heart pumps blood faster.

Your other symptoms like being thirsty could also relate to high coffee intake- because these beverages causes dehydration to our body- if you have not been drinking enough water, then you would be feeling thirsty.

Stress would also directly affect our appetite. We all react to stress in different ways- some people (like me 🙂 ) would gain weight, where some would lose weight. Because our digestive system goes haywire, accompanying symptoms like nausea or even stomach pains and acid reflux would hit us.

The solution is to destress. And….please remember to take deep breaths. Most of us tend to hold our breath or do not breath properly throughout the day. I find that deep breathing helps to calm us down. Rearranging priorities- and accomplish what is important. Organise task by at least writing down on the book rather than having it ‘all in our head’ may help.

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