Foods to Avoid if You Have Joint Pains or Arthritis

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If you suffer from joint pains (especially during cold weather), or any form of arthritis (such as osteoarthritis), TCM doctors would generally tell you to avoid these foods/drinks:

1. Coconut water


Coconut water

2. Any form of iced water

3. Tea, any form, especially the Ceylonese tea. But if you take oily dishes, you may have a cup of hot tea to help clear away the oil. Else, if you do not want to take tea, a yellow lemon squeezed on warm water would do the trick.

4. Kangkung or water spinach- I stay away from this vegetables as much as I can because I developed sharp pain shooting from my glutes to my knees when I take this vegetable.


Kangkung or water spinach

4. Long beans

Long Beans

Long Beans

5. Mushrooms (you can take a little but not too much)



6. Cucumber

7. Coconut paste or santan (except if used in curries). It is usually used in some Asian sweet delicacies or desserts.  If in curry it is okay because the spices used to cook the curry has a ‘yang’ or heaty effect.

These foods above gives a cooling or “yin” effect to the body. Each of our bodies are different- some are more ‘yang’ and some are more ‘yin’ in nature. Those ‘yang’ in nature can take all the food above without feeling anything.

But generally, if you get dizz, sharp stomach pains (like you have wind the stomach or something) easily when drinking too much tea, or taking santan, it is indicative that your body is the more “yin” type. Ginger and spices help for those “yin” type to balance up the energy. Also avoid too much of raw food and salad- you can add some ginger to it if you want to take them to neutralise the effect. When having stir fried vegetables like kai lan or bok choy, always add slices of ginger to them.

If the person suffers from breathlessness due to excessive smoking, avoid banana as well- especially the green ones.

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