How to get rid of static electricity from your body

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You would have probably experienced this- you touch something and feel a mild electric shock. And it seemed to happen to you more often than to others around you.

Often, we spend hours each day on electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. These portable devices causes transfers of electromagnetic energies to your body. As static energy builds up, you would eventually feel heavy, tired and generally unwell.

It is made worst by the fact that our feet almost never touch the earth. We probably stay in high rise condominiums or apartments, and wear shoes all the time. At home, when we talk off our shoes, we walked only on tiled floors. If we do that, how can the buildup of electromagnetic energies could leave our body?

You would know that during thunderstorms, it is very dangerous to take shade under a tree because of the thunder hits the tree, the electric current would flow straight to the ground via the tree. If you happened to be under and touching that unlucky tree, you would be fried to crisp because the megavolts of current would also flow through you.

That’s why, all electrostatic currents are best discharged when your feet is on the ground. If you get static easily, or just generally feel unwell, it helps to take off your shoes and walk on the bare earth- like in a park (if you do not have a garden). That’s why kids at rural areas, who often run around barefooted are often more healthier and livelier than their urban counterparts. I’ve experienced this when I stayed near the forests and often go around barefoot.

There was once I was feeling a strange kind of physical weariness for the day. So that evening when I went to the park, I actually took off my shoes and walk for about 20 minutes…barefooted. I also visualize negative energies flowing from my organs straight to the earth. And I calm my mind, enjoy the walk and ignore some stares that I was getting.

Of course I step on mud but I am thankful I did not step on dog poo- as dogs are not allowed into public parks here. After that, I felt energized and that strange weariness was gone.

Do try it the next time your body feels weary and heavy…and you seemed to have some static buildup. This simple remedy can be more effective than supplements or pushing yourself hard at the gym.

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