Past Lives Regression curing an incurable condition?

Last Updated on April 15, 2021

This post is a continuation of the previous 2 articles obtained from a book compiled from Dr Lai Chiu Nan’s advise.

Part 3

Past lives

Our sense of time is usually limited to our own birth and death,” Chiu-Nan notes.

“But a lot of people have other experiences, that their existence actually go beyond this life time. This comes up in past-life regression, in meditation and in children who remember their past lives.

“Prof Ian Stevenson, who has a book called Children Remembering  Their Past Lives, finds that those who die accidental deaths usually remember their past when they are born again. He has documented many cases throughout the world where the facts could be confirmed.

“He also noticed that people who are born with certain illnesses often died with the same illness. For example, babies born with asthma had died of asthma in previous life.”

Another writer is Dr Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who discovered by chance that his patient had post lives. “He had a patient, a girl with all kinds of sickness and very strange symptoms. He tried many different things, but nothing seemed to help. So he thought he would try hypnosis and try to find the source of her problems. 

4,000 years

“He would regress her to her childhood and earlier, to her birth, but nothing seemed to affect her symptoms. One day, he got tired and told her, ‘Go back to the origin of your disease.’ And this lady went back 4,000 years and described a situation which gave her a sense of choking. After that, she got better. So Dr Weiss would take her back to different lifetimes, because she had so many problems. And she got much better.

“All these tapes (of the regression sessions), he kept them for years because he didn’t know what to do with them. He was afraid of his reputation being ruined if he publicized the information. But at the same time, he felt compelled to publicize it.

“So he published this book, called ‘Many Lives, Many Masters. It became a best seller. After that, he received many letters from psychiatrists who said, ‘We’ve observed the same phenomena in our practice, but we hadn’t the courage to write about it.’

“Another book is called Past Lives Therapy, written by a psychologist over 10 years ago. One of his cases involved a lady who, after she got married, developed cancer of the uterus. Through hypnosis, she went through her last death and it turned out that she had died after giving birth to 10 children and her uterus was in a very bad shape.

In her mind, she associated marriage with having children, with death. The doctor took her back again and again to that death scene until all that emotion was released.

And her cancer also regressed. It disappeared.”

(the article would be continued but below are my 2 cents….)

My comments:

I believe in past lives. Or else, it would be hard to explain why we feel attracted or repelled by certain people. Or why parents can never seems to separate their son/daughter who is going out with the totally wrong suitor. Some things defy logic, and we cannot explain it- for example, if you have been in love with someone who everyone else you know say it’s wrong, you’ll get what I mean.

“Unfinished business” in past lives could easily be brought over to this present live and the drama is played all over again. It’s not easy to overcome as the emotions involved are often intense and strong. Many couples were either soul mates or have past life debts that they need to repay.

So it is not surprising that the past “unfinished business” could cause so much of negative energy buildup- that once released, could cause the illness to go away and to provide answers that have been bordering someone for a long time. For example, a friend of mine, a woman who is trapped in a man’s body had always been unlucky in love. When he regressed is past live, he was told that he was a jealous man who had set fire and killed his wife and her lover in the spade of anger. Therefore this life he had to suffer unrequited love for very long time.

To know or not to know?

Years ago, the past live regression craze caused a lot of people going through hypnosis to figure out their past lives, who they were, and what they did, etc, etc. Not everyone could be regressed but for those who could, they have stories to tell..

But sometimes, I question the accuracy of such regressions. This is because the answers are given by our subconscious, and we have no way of knowing if the facts are accurate- a bit of perception and one-sided opinion could be thrown in by the subconscious as well.

A lady went for past life regression and through the regression, realized that her lover of many life time was not her current husband, but a man who worked with her (with whom she was constantly attracted to).  Needless to say, the knowledge affected her current marriage.

Some things are better off not knowing-as only a thin line separates love and hate. If you find you just hated this person, previous life you may love him very much or that he had done something to hurt you badly. Or you have hurt him so much that now he does back the bad stuff that you used to do on him. Regardless, the past life knowledge may cause us to get too stuck in the past when we have to focus on this present life.  What’s past is gone and death to be done with… no use mulling it over and over again.

Good can be bad, and the bad can be good. You have the capacity of transforming what’s bad into good….its like going against the flow with strong current but you can overcome it if you want do. When meet with an unfavorable situation, humbleness and compassion are things that can overcome any adversity.  Pride and ego are always the culprits of unhappiness- even in this life, you can see the damage that the ego can do, so we don’t even need to go into past lives.

Heal this life, heal yourself. Regardless of whatever your past live could be, it does not matter anymore for its long dead…

Dr Lai Chiu Nan’s book:

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