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While clearing my book cabinet recently, I chance upon advice given by Dr Lai Chiu-Nan, published by Lapis Lazuli Light probably from  a course that she had conducted way back in 14 to 17 October 1995.  When my mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer years back, a neighbor passed this book to us to read.  During the time of diagnosis, there was a lot of fear and confusion… as well as information overload from books, well meaning friends and relatives.

There are some things mentioned that I may not completely agree, in which I would give my comments at the end of the article. Nevertheless years ago, some of her advice were taken to heart as they make sense. As I’ve not been able to find the transcript of the book in the web to link back to, I’ve typed out the entire transcript of about 6 pages in which published  in a few posts due to its length.

Part 1 of the book:

An energy theory of health and disease

Diet, relaxation, meditation, yoga, emotional support, spiritual practice and other natural approaches to health all have one thing in common: They all help to raise the energy level of the person.

Quantum theory is a subject which not many people understand.

Physicists and chemists- like Dr Lai Chun-Nan- study it. But not doctors. So they ignore or reject it.

“There is a tendency to reject what we don’t understand,” Chui-Nan notes. “This is human nature.”

Chui-Nan feels, however, that an appreciation of quantum theory is essential for the prevention and treatment of serious illness like cancer. It helps to explain a lot of phenomena that cannot be explained by existing medical theories.

Quantum theory can be complex. But one does not have to be an Albert Einstein to understand its two basic premises:

  1. All matter is energy;
  2. All things are interconnected

The concept of energy can be applied to understanding health and disease, as Chiu-Nan explains:

“Health is a higher state of energy, disease is a lower state, and death is the lowest state.”

The idea that all things are inter-connected further suggests that we should adopt a holistic view.

We cannot understand disease by studying individual parts of the body. We must try to understand the whole person, not just the disease.

“With the holistic view,” she adds, “energetically we cannot separate the mind from the body.”

“If we look at energy, we can appreciate the natural approaches to health. The dietary approach, relaxation meditation, yoga, emotional support or spiritual practice- they all have one thing in common: they help raise the energy of the person.

“Take, for example, diet…there are several diet programmes used against cancer. Some emphasise raw vegetables and fruits, others  used cooked vegetables and fruits.

No meat

“But they all use plant products. I’ve never come across any anti-cancer diet involving red meat, chicken or fish.

“Vegetables are relatively easy to digest. They don’t require that much energy. High protein diets require a lot more energy to digest.

“These is a popular weight loss program that encourages eating a lot of lean meat. From the energy viewpoint, this makes sense because the digestion of meat takes up a lot of energy. So you lose weight.

“We are not talking about calories,” Chiu-Nan clarifies, “but on the impact of the overall energy level.”

The energy viewpoint does not contradict what scientists currently know.

Medical authorities recommend that we eat diets high in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, decrease the intake of fat, avoid salty, cured foods and avoid smoking, alcohol and processed food.

Also, plants have been found to contain protective factors like vitamins A, C and E and selenium. Fibre also protects against cancer.

More scientific basis comes from examining the sodium-potassium balance, Chiu-Nan adds modern diets tend to be very high in sodium, with sodium & potassium ratio of about 2:1. However, the body needs a lot more potassium, with a ratio of about 1:7.

“Vegetables are very high in potassium, “Chiu-Nan points out.

“In my research, I have shown that if cancer cells are grown in a high-potassium medium, they revert to normal cells. Cancer is reversible.”

“Cancer is reversible. If it is not reversible, then we have to cut it out destroy it with radiation or chemotherapy. But I have proven it is a reversible process.”

The benefits of qi gong can also be explained in terms of energy.

In Beijing, Chiu-Nan saw that cancer patients who did qi gong did not lose their hair or their appetite when they underwent chemotherapy.

“I’ve also talked to doctors and nurses. They told me that those who sneaked out in the morning to do qi gong felt better.

“From the existing medical model, this doesn’t make sense, “Chiu-Nan notes. Why should special breathing exercises shrink a tumour?

(to be continue …but below are my comments)

My 2 cents:

I have my reservations on going to vegetarian diet- but in the end, this is still a very individual decision. My best friend’s father and my cousin brother succumbed to (passed away) lung and nose cancer respectively as they went on organic diet. They were so thin and was down half a size from what they used to be.  Meat cannot be eaten in excess- but the body still requires nutrients from meat to overcome the cancer. In feeding as the body cannot discriminate, we had no choice to feed both the good as well as the bad. For with the good cells being strong enough at least there is a fighting chance.

But then again, it is an individual decision.

However, I agree that in order to be able to overcome this, a person’s will and energy levels need to be high. The next article would go deeper into other deeper factors – it’s not about just treatment only…

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