Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

In order for holistic and complementary treatments to be effective in long run, it is paramount to accompany these treatments with a change towards healthy lifestyle. Many people tend to complain that ‘I went for acupressure- initially it works but after a while, it is not effective’.

Months ago, I passed by a shop that offered acupressure courses. I was quite curious and made some inquiries. The person working there also recommended that I attend their free organic food talk. I told her that I am not into organic diet- and she mentioned something that struck me to be quite true also- ‘there is not much point if you were to learn to treat people with acupressure. Yes, you may relief their meridian blockage for a while, but if they continue putting polluted or chemical laden food into their bodies- their ailments will just reoccurr.’

Even though I am not an advocate of organic product, but I am a believer of giving your body proper nutrition and exercise. If a person accompany it with breathing exercise, medication (to calm and relax the mind) and chi qong, it will help to improve the overall well-being.

Why conventional medication can show instant relief to a certain condition is because the nature it operates is more aggressive- and it is chemically designed to solve the symptoms, but often not the cause. And there tend to be known side effects that accompany most medications. Even if you are on conventional medication due to health problems and illness, you should not turn away from lifestyle change if you want to get well and cure yourself. With this, you will hopefully be able to slowly wean off your medication, with your doctor’s approval of course.

I always remember a person I used to know who is diabetic, but had refused to make any lifestyle changes. She absolutely refuses to give up her favourite food and is very much overweight. She depends on her insulin jabs and strong painkillers for her constantly reoccurring migraines. Yes, she goes for complementary treatments like spa, acupuncture, etc but complained that after a while, these treatments do not work. We used to be worried for her and have tried to talk to her but she just refused to listen- she felt the company’s medical coverage will help protect her.

But in the end, it’s our life that we are talking about. Even though you may enjoy good benefits from your company such as free meals, good medical coverage, etc, it does not mean that you have to live without restraint (when it comes to food) and a care in the world.

If you are physically fit, the rest of your life falls into good place. Stress does not get to you too much, and you will feel tired and less moody. But to be physically fit, it takes time, investment, effort-lots of sweat. It is, I can tell you, well worth it- you have to experience it for yourself to know and understand ūüôā

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