Love, compassion and qi gong in healing cancer

Last Updated on April 30, 2023

This is continued from the previous article, Part 1 by Dr Lai Chiu Nan.

Energy leak

“Qi gong raises the energy level. This is why the person changes from a diseased state to a healthy state.

“The same with yoga. When you are tensed, you dissipate a lot of energy. Yoga helps you to relax and raises your energy level.”

Meditation, too, raises the energy level by keeping the mind still.

“Our thoughts are very, very busy,” Chiu-Nan points out. “If you try to focus on the breath, just for one minute, you will know what I mean. Let’s try to do that…

“Focus on the breath: In…Out…In…Out…Are you able? Or were you thinking of something else?

“Our mind is always busy, thinking of the past or the future. If you train the mind to just focus on the present moment, you will have more energy. You will need less sleep.

“The mind is one of the major leaks of energy. Are we are not even talking about emotional upset.

“If you are upset and you cry, for example, you feel very exhausted. Or if you suffer from a major loss, after that you feel very weak.

“On the emotional level, if there is an emotional trauma or conflict, that causes a lot of loss of energy. The people that we can’t forgive, every time we think of them, we lose energy.”

German researcher R.G Hamer, has, since 1979, collected data of over 10,000 cancer patients. He found that cancer is usually triggered by a conflict or shock, combined with the inability to speak about it, or the fact that no one would listen.

“His discovery came from his own tragedy,” Chiu-Nan relates. “In 1979, his son was killed in Italy, I think by the Mafia. Both he and his wife came down with cancer after a very short period.

“He happened to be a cancer doctor. He changed his viewpoint about the development of cancer because he saw that it could develop much quicker than generally thought, and that it can be triggered by emotional factors.

“He tried to heal his own feelings and his own mind. In that process, his cancer was reversed.  He did it entirely through working with his psychology, his emotions.

“Then he started to question his patients and asked them whether, three or six months before the disease, there was some event that caused shock or conflict, and if it was something that they didn’t or couldn’t talk about, or that no one would listen.

“And he found that it was true in every case.”

Hamer’s work, unfortunately has not been translated into English. So as far as the English-speaking world is concerned, there is “no evidence”.

“By no means the mind is the only thing, “ Chiu-Nan points out.

“But if the onset or trigger is emotional or psychological, then if you can help the person resolve the shock or conflict, of course you can speed up the recovery.

“For example, we had a person come to my course who had cancer of the liver. I asked the people to recall something traumatic.

“I asked them to paint it. And I noticed that her drawing had a big black circle with red lines.

“She said, “This black circle represents my former boss. She’s a terrible person. She ill-treated every one. And the red lines show my anger towards her.”

Unconditional love

“So I asked her to recall that experience and, at the same time, breathe in blue light. Bright blue- the colour of unconditional love.

“This time, the red lines became blue. She said, ‘Now, when I think about it, the person isn’t 100 percent bad. And I realize that for me to heal,  I have to forgive.’

“A few weeks later, she returned for another course. And she was looking quite different. Quite radiant.”

“Expression always dissipates anger, “ Chiu-Nan adds.

“So I always recommend that you find a good friend. If you don’t have a good friend, find a big tree. Or look into the mirror. And speak.

“Writing about it is another way. Spend 20 minutes each day writing about something traumatic or hurtful.

Don’t worry about your grammar. Just write as fast as you can.

“Do it for four days. Usually, by the fourth day, your start to look at the situation differently. You might have a new insight into the problem.

To discover if you have resolved your emotional upsets, try this:

“Conjure up the memory,” Chiu-Nan suggests, “of the most traumatic, most upsetting experience.

“And watch your breath. If your breath starts to get faster, if your heart starts to tighten up, it shows that you have not yet resolves that memory. It’s holding your energy down.

“If it is a deep scar, one has to work at it for weeks. Learn to let go.”

“On the spiritual level,” Chiu-Nan continues, “the more compassionate one is, the more one can love, the higher one’s energy.

A good heart

“Spirituality is the ability to love and to care. Regardless of what spiritual tradition one comes from, the essential part of all spiritual practices is to develop a good heart.

“Land of Medicine Buddha has a very funny name: Centre for Healing and Developing a Good Heart.

“Because healing and a good heart really go hand-in-hand.

“So in one’s spiritual development, the most essential part is to open one’s heart, to love beyond one’s inner circle of family and friends.

“When we are faced with those we love, we are happy.

“If we can increase the circle of those we love, naturally we are more happy more often. If everyone we meet is dear to us and we care for them, it doesn’t matter where we go, or where we are. We are happy.

“When we are having a conversation with a good friend we feel very energetic. But when we’re with someone we dislike, the longer we talk, the more tired we are.

“Happiness raises energy.”

(article would be continued… but below are my comments)

My comments:

Energy leaks are very common- whenever our mind move outwards, we get scattered brained and internally we weaken. That is why a person who constantly rely on outside stimulation often find it hard to control his/her moods and may feel depressed for no reason.  The breathing exercise suggested by Dr Lai is very effective- don’t underestimate it. If you can be with the breath, the mind is at the present movement, without moving to the past or future. When we are not watching this ‘house’ (our body) where our spirit or consciousness reside, we let down our defences and of course it spells big trouble.

For example, as mentioned in the article above, the lady with liver cancer had hated her boss very much. In traditional Chinese medicine practiced for thousands of years- it has long been known and proven that anger would cause imbalance of energy in the liver (which sometimes manifest in the eyes- giving eye problems as the liver opens into the eyes as per the meridian channels). If the overall defense of the body is weak, it can manifest into liver problems or abnormal cell growth or cancer.  While seeking conventional treatment it may be good to keep this in mind- to work on the emotions and unresolved issues.

Ryke Geerd Hamer, mentioned in the article applied methods that are controversial according to information obtained from Wikipedia. While I am not familiar with his work or theories, I do agree on the part where sometimes disease can be triggered by shock or traumatic experience- as it may cause the body’s function to go haywire, since our mind and body are so inter-related.  Some respond by having a burst vessel (stroke), some a heart attack, and some in cancers.

In some published articles by cancer survivors, some have surprisingly mentioned that having cancer was the best thing that had happened to them. The illness had made them to look into inner issues that were previously swept under the carpet, to forgive and heal old wounds, and they had realised that they had been going the wrong direction in life…and proceeded with a life overhaul.

Compassion is one of the highest form of energy. When your heart is genuinely compassionate (and by that I do not mean the fake smiles and pretending you care), you somehow feel safe and protected. And that no matter what, you know that things would be okay. If you don’t believe me, try getting stranded in a deep forest or being in a deserted place with suddenly having your body hair just rising on its end and feeling very spooky and breaking out in cold sweat- compassion is the only thing you can summon upon that would lessen the fear. It becomes the power that protects you, like no other insurance policy or amulets. But to cultivate is not easy- it is something to be understood and practiced by the heart- very hard to put it into words.

The next part would mention about the role of past lives…

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