My Home Gym Equipments


Currently even though I am a member of a gym, I still purchase a couple of equipments for home training. Some may ask that with the steep gym membership, why add more cost to purchase equipment?


  • due to work commitments, unable to make it to the gym as often as I would like to
  • quick workouts at odd times of the day such as first thing in the morning, 3am and unable to sleep
  • workout with certain stunts and silly movements (especially with the Stability ball) that may get everyone staring, hee hee. But I find that I am more comfortable doing exercises for my core muscles with the Stability ball at home than at the gym’s open area
  • great when watching TV- instead of sitting down doing nothing, squeezing in a workout is fun too
  • can involve family members in workouts (especially those who refuse to join a gym)

I love exercising because it gets my circulation moving and generates an overall feeling of well being. On average, I spent about 1.5 to 2 hours in my gym about 3 or 4 times a week (the time is spent working out and not hanging around. I’m the type who like to just work out and leave). There are times in between that I only feel like working out for a short while and the trip to the gym may not be practical. Therefore, I’ve invested in some equipments.

My home gym equipments:
  • yoga mat– cost about RM50+ from Fitness Concept
  • Stability ball from Nordic Track- RM59 from Fitness Concept
  • Exercise tubes (1 set) and resistance bands from Op Train– it’s a local company that sells good quality equipments- the exercise tubes comes with an excellent guide on the comprehensive workout that the tubes can provide
  • recent addition: an Aerobic Set from Body Sculpture- RM179 from Carrefour that comes with one Stepboard, 2 resistance bands, 2 toning balls of 1kg each (see pic below)

aerobicset - My Home Gym Equipments

 The Aerobic Set
Initially I only wanted to get a step board instead of the aerobic step but found that Fitness Concept was selling the board for RM220 whereas for RM179, I got a board (that felt more sturdy) with bands and toning balls. But after I opened the package, I realised that the stepper from my Aerobic Set cannot go higher than 15cm- and thus the stepping exercises would be less challenging. Still, I am sure with longer duration (like watching a sitcom), the workout will be substantial. The 1kg toning ball is quite fun to throw from one hand to the other and with high repetitions (20 and above), you will feel the work on your upper body muscles. There is also a brief instruction booklet that recommends some exercises (with diagram).

I don’t have any dumbells as I normally use weight machines at the gym. Else, at home, I just use my own body weight (for squats or push ups).



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