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I came across this very good 30 minutes video from YouTube on a workout- it is actually targeted for moms but I find the video contains quite a comprehensive list of exercise. The instructor Chana Balk is also very knowledgeable.

The exercises are not easy and during the beginning, you may need to pause the video often to take short rest. But as it is with exercise, it gets easier with every try.

In the 30 minutes can strengthen tone and condition body
essential for mom. According to the instructor, the exercises can improve balance, coordination, boost our metabolism and moods as well as make us feel stronger. It would give us more energy to keep up with kids and more active in daily life.

Contents of exercises in the video- you can see the video covers a whole range of workouts. What I like is that it incorporates a lot of exercise that would help to develop your balance- something that many videos tend to leave out. The exercise comes with option which is shown by one of the students- so if you are starting out, you can try out the options first and very soon, you can do the version similar to the instructor 🙂

Most of us want to try something but we do not know what type of exercises to do. You can take a look at the exercises- and do together with the instructor as well. Once you can search (and perhaps download) some of these videos, you would have yourself a complete home workout program without requiring gym equipment.

30-Minute Calorie Burn Workout With Weights – The CafeMom Studios

The list of exercises covered in the video:

  • Start with deep breaths and stretch to right and left
  • stretch hip flexors, shoulders, thighs
  • squats- front and sides
  • static plank and plank in front and back movement, followed by plank with leg lifts
  • Lunges- front and side
  • Tricep dips- using a chair- followed by stretching
  • side thigh exercises with movements that also work out the core
  • hip rotation stretch– something new that I am seeing for the first time useful for those with tight hips
  • push ups using biceps and then with arms closer together- triceps
  • side squats with arms in a V shape followed by rotating it
  • Standing crunch with lifting knee
  • rotating hip
  • knee lifts
  • following by side kicking movements and lifts
  • shoulder lateral raises using weights or objects that is 3 to 5 pounds.
    the body should not be shaking- she said if shaking it would means the weight is too heavy and the weight should be reduced
  • rows using weights
  • bicep curls and don’t grab the weight too tight
  • side arm rotation with weights- keeping hands loose
  • deep lunge with weigh on hand-twist over
  • lie down on the floor and do butt lifts and lift legs
  • hug the knees followed by side stretch
  • downward facing dog (the one in the yoga sun salutation pose)
  • cat stretch (for the back)
  • hamstring stretch and twist
  • stretching the glutes while standing
  • and then with deep breath and left and right side stretch

On other days, you can also try out the cardio exercise video by the same instructor- no pressure- if you get tired during the cardio, you can use the big march.


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