Go for the Real Thing- Differenciate Fact & Fads of Exercise

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

When I first started developing interest in fitness, health and proper eating, I came across so many conflicting information. The same magazine can say conflicting things- one month they say a diet is bad, then few issues later, they say that research had found that taking that diet is good. There are so many books- just walk into a big bookstore and you will find so many different books with different information and ideas about what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll probably see books or title in magazines like:

  • just 8 minutes a day to flat abs and greater looking you
  • easy workouts that help you to lose weight
  • mind power to lose weight
  • easy exercises you can do for fabulous abs
  • etc, etc

If what that is mentioned actually worked, then the publisher can close down because everyone will be happy because they are at their ideal body weight.

And yet, month after month, these magazines sell so well.

So after being fed-up of being constantly confused, I decided enough is enough. Luckily, through a recommendation from the author of Daily Muscle, I realised that there are actually courses to take on subjects on nutrition and exercise in Malaysia.
It’s via Fitness Innovations (FIT):

Fitness Innovations (M) Sdn. Bhd. (763138-X)

No.2-8, 2nd Floor, D19 Business Centre,

Jalan PJU 8/3, Bandar Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya,  Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-77260030

Fax: +603-77260032 Website: http://www.fitthai.com/

General email to FIT Malaysia: fitmy@fitthai.com

I took a course to prepare for a certification exam from ACE (American Council on Exercise) from FIT. I never regretted taking the course because the knowledge that I’ve learned- from nutrition, proper way to exercise — can save me years of wasted time with the wrong workouts and diets. It was worth every cent and for once, I was studying for an exam on a topic that I like.
There are just too many misconception out there on fitness.
For instance, if you really want to understand how your muscles are developed when you do strength training and what type of exercises to built certain type of muscles, you have to go back to human science. You have to understand muscle anatomy and basic kinesiology- how muscle movements work. So that when you perform a certain movement in a certain direction/plane, you will activate only certain group of muscles. Example,
  • if you do push-ups, there’s a instructor at gym who once told us that if you do with your hands wider apart, you work on your biceps but if it is closer together, you work on your triceps. This is totally wrong- the joint movement is the same- so both will work on the same muscles, mainly your triceps and chest (pectorial) muscles). It is only if you move your hands closer together, it gets tougher than if your hands are further apart.
  • sometimes, people say that if you do your biceps curls (using dumbells), if you do 3 repetitions, then you will built bigger muscles. So some people use weights that are too light for them and only do 8 times. Does it built muscles? No, it doesn’t. 8 repetitions means that you can only lift that amount of weight with correct posture at maximum 8 repetitions. By the 9th time, your hand cannot move the weight anymore. That’s what it means by 8 times. Then you will built stronger & bigger muscles (for girls, sorry, we are just not created to bulk up).
  • if you practice with light weights and move rapidly, it is not as effective as heavier weights and move slower.

Luckily in Malaysia, there is a place that you can learn all what’s real and what’s not. For FIT’s class schedule, click HERE.

I am recommending FIT here because their classes are really good- they really teach the real thing- there are course preparation for ACE certifications (the cert’s recognized worldwide) as well as other useful short courses on nutrition, weight management, how to muscle up, etc. Especially if you have been working out for long time but do not see the results that you want, you may want to consider taking some short courses. The instructors are people who are really passionate about fitness, health and proper nutrition. They teach the real stuff.

If you have seen my initial postings last year, I started out like a blind bat- but now, I felt at least I have sufficient knowledge to help me plan my own effective exercise programs and proper dietary intake.

As I am still not familar with free weights and certain machines- so decided to get a book that contain useful information. I chose the book “Strength Training” that is published under NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association). The book is well writen, with sound explanation about strength workouts, clear pictures of exercises and how to do it correctly. It also discusses about pro and cons of each type of workouts.

It’s really different compared to a lot of books out that does not explain the “whys”. Hmm, kinda remind me of some personal trainers that I see that ask their clients to do this exercise and do that exercise because it’s good for you but never explain why. So after a while, their clients dropped out after the end of the training sessions.

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3 thoughts on “Go for the Real Thing- Differenciate Fact & Fads of Exercise”

  1. Hi Yin Teing !

    Great read. You write really well in a human way, so very easy to understand and to relate to ! Thank you also for
    helping to spread the word ūüôā Kim xxx

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