Feeling that does during food preparation have impact on health

Last Updated on September 9, 2017

Last Friday, while helping out in a course organised by my unit, I helped myself to breakfast that is provided by the course. I ate 2 pieces of fried chicken wings and a bit of meehoon.

After that, I did not feel quite well. Hard to describe but it’s probably due to the fact it is too oily, not really clean and way it was prepared. The food was probably prepared in a haste coz the caterer was late that morning and they were rushing to get everything set up. So for lunch, I skipped the free food option and paid for a more healthier version.

Believe it or not, the feeling that goes into preparing the food does play a role. For instance, you get healthier eating home cooked food by your mom/grandma compared to outside food (including in pricey restaurants). This is because more love, care and tenderness is put into the cooking. The food absorbs the “vibes” of the cook. Hard to believe?

When you start eating more real unprocessed food like raw fruits and vegetables, you’ll get what I mean. A humble piece of fried chicken that is fried by someone who cares for you is different compared to a piece of fried chicken that you get from Pelita/ Lotus or KFC. If you have no one to cook it for you, you can prepare your own quick meals or eat more unprocessed food.

Also, food that has been cooked/reheated again and again becomes more “dead” with each time you cook/reheat it. Same for processed food. If you wish your body to be well, you will need to eat as much “real” food as you can.

So yesterday, I was attending a course offsite. Knowing the common food that people normally are provided during breaks- either something fried, MSG laden, sweet.My prediction was correct- curry puffs, cucur udang, fried sausage bread were provided for tea breaks. This type of food that tires and fatten a person out- I decided to again do something that a normal person won’t do. I packed my own fruits/snacks/coffee.

What I packed:

  • my own fruits- cut grapefruit, apples and pamelo.
  • 4 pieces of bread with omelette with cheese along.
  • 2 packets of my own 3-in-1 Nescafe breakfast coz from experience, difficult to find a good cup of coffee/tea when you are attending a course.
  • I even brought my own cup and spoon in case it’s not provided.

For morning tea, I took a few biscuits (from the place), my fruits and mix a packet of my Nescafe. I saw another participant trying to squeeze off the oil from the cucur udang before she could stomach it. After tea break and before lunch, my colleagues (who attended the course with me) felt sleepy. After lunch in a mamak restaurant, it was worst. They kept yawning. For my lunch, I took 4 pieces of Gardenia Breakthru bread with ommelette and cheese, followed by ais cream cone. I also finished off my fruits. Did not feel that my stomach weight a tonne like what I had experienced in the past. Could concentrate more on what is being taught- else if you are sleepy and the course is boring, you’re just going to feel that you are in a torture cell.

I know a lot of people tend to be self conscious and is worried about being labeled “weird” or “fussy” for eating out of their own Tupperwares. Well, my company paid for the course, my colleagues are well acquainted with my strange temperaments and I probably wouldn’t see the rest of the other participants.

So, I was grateful that I brought my own food along ūüôā

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