Exercising for a Tired Body & Mind

Exercising, Overcome Fatigue

Feeling that afternoon slump & exhaustion at work?

Yesterday afternoon, I just felt so tired (I have active dreams for years and tend to make me wake up feeling like I’ve never slept at all). Was supposed to make it to the gym after work but ended up almost falling asleep in the couch.

So I was determined to get to the gym in the today before work. Got up early, crawled to the gym. Felt sluggish at first but after 10 minutes of cardio, followed by abdomen crunch and another 20 minutes of cardio, and good after exercise stretch, I felt energetic.
Then, this is followed by a hair wash and good shower- and I am ready to face the day.

So, my prescription for tiredness- get a good workout in the morning. You will not get better by lazing around at bed, so might as well get a good workout. You would probably know that you will be tired the next day if you have experienced continuous fatigue for few days that you can’t seemed to shake off even though with 7 – 8 hours of sleep. So, prepare yourself to go the next morning by:

  • setting the alarm clock- you may want to put in further from your bed so that you need to get up to off it.
  • pack your gym back the night before- sometimes, the thought of the hassle of packing your gym bag will deter you from getting up.
  • and if you still wanna sleep in, ask yourself if you want to look forward to yet another tiring and draining day..

If you have no access to gym, you can turn on your favourite music and dance to it, or practice with some exercise tapes. Or, bookmark some useful sites in YouTube that contains good exercise videos- in the morning, you just need to go online to access to them.

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