How I Tried Curing Myself of Flu

Last Updated on July 28, 2018

It started from someone in my office who had caught a persistent flu virus…. then it infected a colleague of mine who sat near me. And she went home and pass the virus over to her hubby… before passing it over to me.

This type of virus is quite normal in my office workplace- in fact, I have seen a few major rounds of this virus movement, infecting one colleague after another- my suspicion lies in the air-con filtering. Normally, I am not the type of person who gets infected by others easily, but heck, consecutive nights of sleeping at around 4am during the Raya break (due to my obsessions with MTVs and YouTube), eating too much fried seaweed and peanuts had finally taken its toll on resistance levels.

My flu’s had made its debut- I can feel it in my bones and I can feel the fever starting to built up. Opted to stay at home to rest as I will not want to pass the virus around to my friends- yesterday I was sneezing so badly at work -that 2 of my colleagues seemed to start sneezing.

Asam paste

 My self-prescribed drug-free medication:

  • 100 plus taken at room temperature
  • drink lots and lots of water
  • take hot soupy dishes such as koay teow soup
  • asam paste (buy from provision shop) wrapped in a piece of porous cloth and place in the stomach and forehead should the fever develop
  • lots of rest- to be taken after I finish typing a few more articles…
  • in the evening, if I feel better, will try to go for yoga classes.
  • then will sleep early

Will update whether the method is working….

What to avoid if you are not well:

  • the gym equipment- coz there are lots of bacteria and virus-not ideal if your body resistance is low.
  • going under the hot sun
  • getting caught in the rain or bathing at night
  • eating starchy/ oily food or anything that taxes your digestion system
  • stress
  • not getting enough sleep at night
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