Know the kind of medicine and dosages being prescribed to your children


A friend at my workplace shared with me that she was constantly worried about her 5 year old son who was constantly sick. He would be down with fever and cough that does not seems to get well. Taking to a child specialist can be quite a costly affair with each visit easily costing up to a few hundred bucks.

Regardless to where you bring your child to seek treatment, you need to be more aware of the medications that  are being prescribed. Unless the doctor is a family friend or someone you know who personally cared for you and your child’s welfare, you need to double confirm to ensure your child is not given too heavy doses of medication.

Generally, specialist clinics at established hospitals are better – as they tend to have a reputation to maintain and would not simply prescribe unsuitable or wrong type of medication.

When my friend bought her son to the child specialist clinics and her son’s condition did not seems to improve, she bought her son to an eye specialist clinic at an established hospital. The child specialist was shocked that the other so-called specialist:

  • said that it is normal for a child to have fever between 38 to 39 degrees (hey even adults having that temperature are like half death and some of us may start crying like babies). The hospital immediately injected the child with medication to immediately bring down the temperature
  • gave very strong doses of antibiotic and gave a 5 year old boy an asthma inhaler that is meant for an adult!

Therefore, please becareful of the type of medication being prescribed to yoru child. Sometimes the private practice just want ‘quick kill’ or ‘appearent effectiveness’ and therefore may resort to prescribe strong or even adult medication dosages for your child. Always check first and get second opinion.

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