Recurring sore throat that does not go off with medication

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If you are down with sore throat that does not seemed to go off with medication, it could be a sign that someone’s annoying you.

Sounds illogical? Well, read on and see if it applies to you….if it does, get your problem solved and your sore throat may just say bye bye without further meds…

The throat is the entrance area of food and other things in our body. When our throat is infected, ie we develop sore throat, in means that ‘the enemy has infiltrated our territory’. In layman terms, it means that somehow, someone you know is causing you to be annoyed and angry or upset- that person had already gotten into you.

Think of some situations that you are stuck in and unable to retaliate that really makes you simmer inside. When your throat hurts, it is inflamed- that means there’s the emotion of anger or hurt in place that you could be suppressing.

It could be your immediate boss who writes your paycheck- you may be upset with some of the things she is doing but is unable to voice it out because….your livelihood and bonus depends on the stroke of her pen.

Or could you be angry with your husband because he seemed to take you for granted- you are expected to pick up after him, pamper and cook for him, tend to crying babies…and at the same time you have a full time job. Even though you don’t earn as much as him, heck…the guy gotta help around the house instead of lazing on the couch, rite?

Continuous long term of the annoyance, or when things got too hard to swallow can result in sore throat- because, you are just not able to swallow the nonsense anymore without hurting.  It hurts when you try to eat during sore throat, rite?

Now does it sound logical? Antibiotics always attack the bacteria and virus- but hey, these guys are not the real culprits- they exist all over the air space and are just minding their own business when they see a good host. Being the little pesky opportunists they are- they saw a weakness and made themselves comfortable at your throat. Antibiotics don’t work on them on the long term because they’ll quickly find ways to adapt.

We can learn a thing or two from these microorganisms that are around even before dinosaurs and dark ages existed. We got to learn to adapt and be flexible- if we are overwhelmed, learn to ask for help. Negotiate with the boss to lighten the workload. If your boss is ignores you, it’s a sign that the time has come for you to look for different person to report to. Plan an escape plan and once you have some little scheme, you’ll have something positive to look forward to. When you feel happier, so would your throat.

Anyway, there’s a powerful herb called the snake grass herb that’s very effective in curing sore throat- works better than any antibiotics. But since it may not be available at the part of your world and even if it does, you may not like the horrible bitter taste (that will haunt you if you don’t have a candy ready), looking for a solution to what’s been bugging you may be a better option.

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