Help how to cure my laryngitis quickly? I’ve got public speaking tomorrow!

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How to cure my laryngitis ASAP??!
Few days ago, I had sore throat- my throat was hurting like mad and then the next day, my voice sounded strange. It would crack and go hoarse. When I woke up this morning, I almost completely lose my voice. After some googling around- I find it could be ….laryngitis? I need to cure this condition fast…..because I have to speak in front of the public tomorrow. I’ve tried to take warm water with honey and lemon but that does not seems to work. Please help…is there anything else I can do?

curtain mike - Help how to cure my laryngitis quickly? I've got public speaking tomorrow!

In my humble opinion using mind-body connection:

When I first start to read about sudden lost of voice, I have already begin to suspect that perhaps there could be some kind of speaking assignment coming up. And the end of what you have written confirmed that thought.

Public speaking or perhaps having to make an important presentation in front of formidable people or senior management would make most people nervous. You may need to ask yourself these questions:

  • are you sufficiently prepared for the presentation?
  • somehow, deep down inside, you have somehow convinced yourself that you are not good enough, or that you seriously resent to do the presentation?

Often, the thoughts themselves manifests into bodily symptoms. The body may try to rescue an unwilling mind and get yourself out of the presentation by causing you to lose your voice. When you lose your voice, you’ll would have gotten yourself out of needing to make that presentation.

The same thing happens to althletes- sometimes you may wonder why an althlete may injure himself or herself in a routine practice right before a major competition, resulting the althlete having to withdraw from the competition.  One wonders, why when the althlete would have gotten the injury when the same practice is probably done thousands of times before.

Everyone of us have fear….fear of losing, fear of screwing up, or making mistake or making a fool out of ourselves. However, many people frown on failures and mistakes. One mistake does not make us a failure in life- it’s tiring to continously need to be number 1 and beat everyone else. The fear built up to some an extend that unconscious or subconscious mind attempts to come to the rescue- by bailing a person out.

For an althlete, it may be a sudden injury.

For a person who have to go through public speaking competition or to do a presentation in front of people, it could come in a form of laryngitis or severe sore throat.

Just visit the doctor to confirm- but I would not be surprised that when the doctor check your throat, he may find only a little redness- but not severe enough to warrant severe sore throat or a lost of voice. If that happens, it more or less confirm it is related to your body’s way of trying to bail you out from that speaking assignment …because only with that that we can be excused guilt free.

Why not face the fear- tell yourself it’s okay to fail

I dislike and disagree the phrase ‘failure is not an option’. In life, we learn more through failures than success. It’s great if we can have someone to tell us that ‘it’s okay if you have not succeed so long as if you have given your best. You can try again next time… and one day, you will succeed.”

Don’t beat yourself (emotionally) or look down on your abilities. All the great men who have made history did not succeed in their first try. Despite of external pressure, you are the sole determinent on how you want to let external factors influence you. Do you want your life to be dictated by views of others?

Do the needed preparation….and even you may not like the assignment, well, just do it, get it over and be done with. And keep telling yourself that you would be okay with whatever outcomes there is. Accept and love yourself for who you are.

With that, that laryngitis may just go off by itself, mysteriously.

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