Breaking a bad habit

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Have you ever tried to pull out overgrown weeds from your garden? You would find that it is no an easy task especially if you have neglected to upkeep your garden for months.

It’s the same with a bad habit. Like weeds:

1. Bad habits do not form overnight- it takes time.

Started as a mere thought, it becomes an action and repeated action becomes a habit. As the day goes by, the habit becomes more ingrained and harder to break- just like the weeds become more overgrown and having its roots more firmly to the ground.

2. It would be a challenge to break it- as it is already a habit

When you try pulling out the weeds, it would be stubbornly stuck either to the fence or ground. You have to dis-entangle all the mess and in the process, your clothes gonna get dirty, insects and mosquitos going to bite you. If you get annoyed and give up, then the weed’s never gonna get pulled out.

Granted, you can always pay someone to do the dirty job for you. But you cannot pay someone to help you to break your own bad habit. You can get counselling or professional guidance, but in the end, you have to pull out your own inner weeds. It cannot be outsourced to anyone else. If you give up halfway, the bad habit is gonna get worse.

3. If you succeed breaking a bad habit, you become stronger

Don’t be too hard on yourself for letting a bad habit stuck on you. It’s never too late to overcome it. And you know what, if you can overcome it, you become stronger, you feel better about yourself and have more confident to achieve what you set up to do.

Just like the weeds in your garden that may overwhelm you- pull them out one by one. Some parts are harder to pull- you need to use strength and core energy. And in the process, you get some exercise, a good sweat, and help your body to build more muscles and endurance.

Believe that with each attempt to overcome something bad, each triumph makes it easier to do it the next time. Sometimes, we may fall but what’s keeping us from getting up again and trying next time?

As mentioned earlier, bad habits build up its intensity over time. By the time you realised that it is a bad habit, it had gotten quite stuck into your system already. The roots had themselves stuck in your system and when you try to pull it out, it may get a little painful.

Give yourself time- but be firm about it and tell yourself you’ll do your best. When you succeed, you’ll become one step higher and stronger. And when you see someone else in the same shoes, you’ll be able to help- because you would be able to inspire and teach the person because you’ve gone through and you understand…

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