Mindpower- How to use your mind to heal your body

Mind-Body Connection

I came across the books by Vernon Coleman, Mindpower- How to Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body during my own research on mind body connection- that is how illness arises due to the mind.

This is truly an excellent book. As a medical student and later as a qualified doctor, Vernon Coleman discovered so many strange cases of patients who:

  • was supposed to die but did not die- for example, xrays and scans show that the cancer cells was eating into the organs and the radiologist said that it was impossible for the patient to be still alive. Yet, the patient, survived on willpower because of worrying about the kids
  • healthy people just develop illness or die because there was nothing much to live for

Initially he was a sceptic but after seeing case after case, the evidence can no longer be denied. So he defied the medical community by coming up with books that spoke of mind body connection. He was critized but it never detered him- because he received a steady stream of letters and feedback by those whose life has been transformed by his book. To him, those meant more to him that positive reviews.

At the preface, he mentioned:

One woman who was suffering from breast cancer- and had been told by her doctors that she had a matter of weeks to live- used the visualisation techniques I describe in the book and waved the text at her doctors when she turned up for an appointment they did not think she would keep. (She is still alive and very healthy”.

Vernon Coleman is truly a visionary. The mind can cause us illness but at the same time, it can also heal us of illness and diseases. In the book, he gave:

  • a consize history of modern medicine (and Western medicine is the only form of medicine that disregard the role of the mind and spirit),
  • the role of the healer and patient,
  • links between mind and body
  • knowing your mind

He gave description of common ailments like cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart diseases, colds, cough, headaches, depression, – and offered clues on how these disease usually arise and what is the effective way of dealing with them.

Of course, the patient still have to undergo conventional treatment but when the mind is geared towards healing, the patient stands a much better chance. One to leave the body to the hands of the doctor to do the physical healing. It is important to take care of the state of mind.

The book may not be available within bookstores but it is still available in Amazon as well as his other books:


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