When the nighmares would not stop and you wake up like a zombie

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Following my previous article that mentioned the possibility of waking up tired and drained, you may also want to consider exploring another possibility- Are you following a direction in life that’s true to yourself?

First, overcoming the fear of the unknown or ‘unseen’

Sometimes when the circumstances of these dreams are so strange, you may be tempted to think in realms of beyond you… ie are you being disturbed by ‘invisible beings’ or being cast a spell, etc… that is realms of supernatural.

Img Credit: Brian Zaikowski of www.bztoons.com/
Img Credit: Brian Zaikowski of www.bztoons.com/

I had once sought advice and was told that  I was travelling to the nether (ghost) realm and that I can do a couple of rituals to remove the negative energies surrounding me. Naturally it got me a bit unnerved and helpless. Over the years, I tried all the other options that are given to me- wash my feet, use salt water, etc- they stopped working after a short while.

While we cannot deny that other realms of existence exists, believing that they are the causes of our problems means that we are fearful and we loses inner strength and power.  We also deny the responsibility to change.  The best and most effective way to overcome anything negative in our lives is to start working with ourselves.  When we change from inside, our reactions to these dreams also change- we are more calm and after a while, these dreams stopped making us drained when we get up in the morning. When we finally ‘get it’, these dreams may stopped altogether.

Looking within

As I have mentioned in the previous article, you can tell a lot of who and what you truly are on the inside by the way you react to your dreams. That is a fact- and nothing can trigger angry, fear, jealousy or any negative emotion if we do not have those attributes.

I believe each one of us are born with a purpose in life to accomplish. Sometimes knowing that our true purpose, meaning or mission in life is not straightforward. Usually it is a journey or a gradual process of self discovery that lead us there.

Dreams can carry important messages about the way we are choosing to lead life, the values, and our most innermost self.  If you are meant to lead your life in a certain way and yet you choose to deny it and stop listening to your heart, then it may come in a form of dreams.

For example, if you find that you have constant tiring dreams during working days but tend to sleep much more peacefully on weekends, then you may want to examine your current career choice.

Is your job what you want to do? Are you forced to do things that you really do not like or that seemed to go against your core values

Are there something else that you want to do but you do not want to try because it will mean lesser pay, prestige, security, etc?

Sometimes may not always be to leave the job- try to learn to manage the stress or stand up for yourself in an assertive but not aggressive or explosive way. Because if it is something inside you that you need to work on, changing jobs may not be the solution because we would tend to meet with situations and people- in different form but trigger the same reaction in us again and again. But we are totally in something that we know is not within our vocation, the best thing we could do for ourselves is to follow our hearts.

Another example is that if you dream that you are constantly being chased by ghosts, animals, or dangerous people who are trying to murder you, then in your real life, examine issues, people, situations that you should be facing but instead are running away or avoiding. You may be able to avoid it in your conscious waking hours, but it will seep into your subconscious and play out in such dreams.

If you still continue to ignore it, then:

  • your health will suffer because you will be tired all the time, you will feel tired all the time
  • your job productivity will go down and so would your appraisal
  • insufficient sleep affects your mood- so if you are more bad tempered, you may feel more rotten about yourself because you could have uttered words that hurt someone; or that it affects your job appraisal
  • you become a caffeine addict and spend more on gourmet coffee because the normal coffee just will not work

Your quality of life in your waking hours suffer, and eventually, so would your health. Waking up and feeling tired means you are losing vital life energy bit by bit and eventually, it lowers your immune and your energy levels. And we all know what happens with a compromised immune system. And taking medication will not solve your problem as well.

Instead of pushing yourself up and trying to do some jumping jacks or jogging on the spot to get some circulation moving to cure that tiredness when you wake up, take at least about 5 minutes or so to sit up with your eyes closed in a short meditation. Just breathe in and out and observe your breath- if you are tired or unable to focus, try to breathe deeper. Because with that type of tiredness, some vital energy in your body is lost during the dreaming state- that’s why you would feel very drained- and you need to recharge it immediately before starting the day. Meditation is an effective way to calm down and help you gain more inner energy.

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