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What to do when diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s or dementia generally occurs in seniors of 65 years and above. But there is a trend that shows that parts of the brain cells are breaking down in an earlier age. In my observation, there is a pattern between people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s with a certain way of coping with trauma. If these issues are being addressed, it may help slow or stop the progress of Alzheimer’s.

Health problems from the stress of being managed out at work

When you are not liked by your boss, superiors or the management, instead of asking you to leave or offering you a severance package, what they would do is to make your life miserable so that you would resign on your own.

The person would be humiliated in meetings, being told they are not performing, and having another new junior person being promoted as their immediate boss. The trick is to make the person unable to bear the humiliation and mental torture so that that person leave on their own accord. What can you do if you suddenly find yourself in this situation?

Endometriosis and fibroids with connection to co-dependancy/divorce

Uterine fibrosis, ovarian cysts and endometriosis are occurring in more and more women today. Personally, I have known of a number of ladies who suffered from ailments that are connected to their reproductive system. I used to wonder why this problem occurs in some ladies but not in others. I came across this insightful book …

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