Happiness is here and now

Inner Peace, Mind-Body Connection

When I observe around me, I could almost see the connection between a person’s state of mind and health condition.

Years of negative emotion pent-up would manifest into illnesses. Of course, not all illness are our fault but there may be a connection in many. For example:

  • a person working too hard and unhappy with the job condition finds herself getting and consistent persistent flu and sinus attacks- sinus/flu, in mind-body’s content is the body’s way of trying to cry
  • too much unexpressed grief can manifest in the form of persistent cough that goes not go off

Hence, trying to make ourselves happy, here and now is important. One of the way is to read an uplifting book.

One such book is Happiness Now by Andrew Matthews.

There are 2 versions of this book- the bigger one with more text, and the smaller one with less text and more pictures.

Personally, I am really a fan of Andrew Matthews. Growing up reading so many self-help and self-improvement books written by best selling authors, I find the books by Andrew Matthews simple, straight to the point, practical and can be implemented.

What’s more, there are cartoons enclosed with the book- and cartoon sends the message home- especially if you are a visual learner, ie you learn more by seeing pictures.

The book is divided into different sections:

  • Your philosophy
  • One day at a time- examples kick the worry habit, happiness myths, laughter, patience, etc.
  • Laws of life- examples why set goals, your mind is a magnet, enjoying your work (where he told a story of a person who spent 25 years cleaning the dirty inner parts of the subway and loving his job because he felt he made the world better for the homeless and at the same time managed to put his 2 daughters through college), and peace of mind.
  • Friends and family- examples forgiving others, friends & money, presents, etc
  • Success strategies

His writing is simple but is profound. If you can appreciate the deeper meanings and adopt some of his down-to-earth advice, you can really become a much happier person.

You don’t find happiness in the absence of problems.

You find happiness in spite of problems!

– Andrew Matthews

His books has been translated into 33 languages and are bestsellers in 60 countries.

His website s www.seashell.com.au


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