Connection between heart valve problem and chronic sinus- Mind Body Connection

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

I remember reading in the papers sometime back that a very young lady had to undergo open heart surgery to repair her mitral valve- and other than chronic sinus, she did not seems to have other health complaints. In the same article, it was mentioned that a study have indicated that patients with heart valve problem seemed to be suffering from chronic sinus as well.

From the perspective of mind-body medicine, sinus is like the body’s way of trying to cry- in where it is not convenient and because crying is often seen as a sign of weakness, many people who are feeling sad inside tend to repress their tears. If the sinus is chronic, meaning it often happens, it could be an indicative of unexpressed grieving or sadness that is ongoing and unresolved. In all ancient healing traditions- the happiness and sadness are often linked to the heart. When the person is emotionally unhappy and sad, the heart energy weakens.

Just like when our immune is compromised we are more prone to developing fever, so it is with the weakened heart energy that make the heart more susceptible to bacteria infection and valve problems leading to heart abnormalities, infections, heart attack and heart failure.

Sometimes in life there are no solution to everything and often it is not possible for us to have everything in life. If we hold on to the past or what we cannot have, it causes us nothing but undue suffering and sadness. Different people deal with problems differently- some learn to shrugged it off and move on. Some hold on and live life feeling cynical, hostile and filled with anger. The choice is ours to make… and it is always possible to change.

One can attribute sinus to cold weather, haze and irritants in the atmosphere. For me, I used to have terrible outbreaks of sinus attacks which rightfully get worse in cold places. When I stayed in Thailand during the cold weather – so cold that I can’t even venture outside without putting on gloves, socks and mittens and on times with my body shivering from cold, I could hardly recall any sinus attack (the sinus attacks were very bad years ago). It is because that time my heart felt free and I was in the environment that I wanted to be in.

My condition improved as I slowly learn to deal with circumstances in my life – to accept that some things in life I just cannot change and that even though in life we cannot have everything, we need to do the right thing. When we make peace with ourselves, the inner grieving stops and so would the outward symptoms.

Dr Dean Ornish has dedicated his entire life in research about reversing heart diseases without surgery- patients who followed his program was able to reverse their heart blockages through lifestyle changes as well as learning to calm down their mind. I strongly recommend the book.


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  1. I have a friend who had valve leaking problem. He told that he can even hear the air leaking sound. So fortunate that a Buddhist monk he met adviced him to get two stalks of fresh ‘kenghua’ or ‘queen of the nite’. Firstly boil a mixture of red dates, Kay chi n park ghay, sound like that from the Chinese medicine with a piece of chicken drumstick. After being boiled dump the two stalks of flowers which are chopped like onion into the mixture and then boil just for two minutes then cool down and drink the herbal drink immediately. He saved 27 thousand ringgit from angio treatment. Now he is taking the drink monthly. It is already three years and no occurrences from the valve leakage anymore.

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