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Cancer, Mind-Body Connection

Going forward, I plan to come out with more articles on the relationship between mind-body- ie how emotions affect our overall health.  This is because throughout my own personal as well as observing the experiences of others, some health problems could occurr as a manifestation of some inner unresolved emotional issue(s).

So when we do not listen to our bodies, physical symptoms like pain, fever, discomfort, itch, rashes manifests to grab our attention.

Once the issue(s) is addressed and come to light, the health symptom just dissappears. If we choose to ignore, ie attempting to ‘silence’ the symptom with drugs and medicine alone, we may stand to weaken the organ and eventually bring to even more problems – or sometimes it moves elsewhere.

I am not saying that all health conditions are due to mind-body. Sometimes, it is physical, sometimes due to our diet, insufficient rest, weather, etc. But when you find that your condition repeatedly occurs and the doctors could not find what’s wrong with you, perhaps you may want to consider opening up your mind to other possibilities.

My first advice is that if you are feeling unwell, you need to go and see a doctor to get yourself checked. Sometimes people tell me that they cannot afford medical treatments so they are willing to be listen to other suggestions. They could be a real health condition. For instance, once the illness gets very serious like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney failure, immediate medical treatment is required. It would be almost impossible to just use the mind to wish these conditions away (but you can change your mindset and perspective to drive your body towards self healing).

Last Sunday, The Sunday Star published an article called “Cancer Signals” on the 10 Symptoms of Cancer written by Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar. Many of these symptoms also mimics symptoms that a person have due to stress such as unexplainable pain, sudden weight loss.

The symptoms are as follows:
1: Unexplained weight loss
2: Bloating
3: Unusual bleeding
4: Breast changes
5: Skin changes
6: Difficulty swallowing and constant indigestion
7: Persistent pain, fever or cough
8: Swollen lymph nodes
9: Mouth changes and sores
10: Fatigue and weakness

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