Persistent cough with no cure and how it relates to stress and depression

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Is there a mental connection between a persistent cough that never seems to go off despite all the remedies, cough mixture, cough drops and antibiotics taken?


Many sufferers somehow felt that the cough may be connected to the stress at work. It is a clear and obvious sign with the cough seemed to turn much milder during days off and weekends. It may happen when you feel the everyday demands are too overwhelming- like you are being scolded and criticized all the time or the constant feeling of being repressed, bullied but helpless to do anything about it.

In a way, the cough is your body’s way of crying and grieving for all the repression that you have allowed to happen to yourself. It’s the body’s way of crying out for help, for the owner to take notice and do something about it.

Often, the cough shakes us so much that we are either at home resting, or have to spend time off going to hospitals to get checkups and xrays. Even at work, it come to a point that we feel too weak, unwell and cannot even talk in a few sentence without breaking into a painful cough….that we just …..get it and let go.

We learn to appreciate and value our lives much better when our health is in the dumps- because it reminds us how vulnerable we really are.

The boss can continue to force me but I cannot continue doing this- all the money in the world would mean nothing if I have no life to enjoy it”.

“To hell with it and the work…no matter what time I stay back till, the work will never finish…I must prioritize so that I can go back and rest.”

“Hey, the other fella is supposed to do the job. All this while I am doing his job but now that I’m sick, I’m not taking this nonsense anymore. Hmm….if he refuses to take it back, I’ll just talk to the boss. Even though I am scared of what the boss is going to say, I am sure my boss can see for himself that I am too unwell now to continue. Worst come to the worst, I’ll just leave- there’s nothing much for me to lose because I feel so unwell that I don’t know how long I can carry on.”

So we learn to stand up, let go, prioritize or just simply say no- and surprise suprise….the cough just suddenly went off- just as sudden as it came. It’s our body’s way of trying to help us out.

But for those who ignore our body calling out for help- of constant chronic coughs and only suppressing it through prescribed or over-the-counter medications, eventually the lungs would get weaker.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the lungs are weakened when it is suffering from grief, inability to let go, sadness, being hurt and depression. The lungs are also related to the large intenstine-weak lungs would also weaken the large intenstine. Long term of day in day out ignoring the signs may eventually lead to cancer.

The Chinese have observed for thousands of years that each emotions collates with the well-being of a particular internal organ in our body. What you can do is to practice chi kung to strengthen the organs- personally, I find it very helpful, together with a change in mindset in restoring health and balance to our body.

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